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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020  

White Sea

Under the Radar Presents: “Why Not Both” Podcast Featuring White Sea

May 26, 2020

Welcome to Why Not Both weekends. Every week, in partnership with the Why Not Both podcast, we’ll be presenting new podcast episodes that explore how multiple passions inform the inspiring lives of musicians, writers, actors, and creatives.

This weekend, Morgan Kibby, who performs as White Sea, told us how collaboration has been the key to her career. We also delved into the idea that creative careers don't always follow linear trajectories. From life as M83’s "Keyboard Girl," to composing for Netflix and Lady Gaga, Kibby has covered a lot of artistic ground.

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To keep up with the world of White Sea, follow Kibby on Instagram and Twitter. You can also revisit her score to Netflix’s Soundtrack, and her contributions to Gaga’s epic “Stupid Love.”


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