One of the sleeper best albums of last year was Mark Pritchard's Under the Sun. The macabre video for “Give It Your Choir” Feat Bibio was just shared. It comes from acclaimed Dutch video director Emmanuel Adjei and was shot as a single take full frame monochrome. The video also features Olegar Fedoro who starred in Andrei Tarkovsky’s cult classic ‘Stalker’. The camera takes us through the dark hallways of a acomplex of hidden lives converging.

This is what Adjei had to say about the video:“The idea for ‘”Give It Your Choir” came from the track as I felt like it was chanting a cry for help in a modern world, losing its humanity. I wanted to show a not too distant reality where storage containers function as personal homes, and materialism seems to have become the new religion. 

This, in turn, is a neo industrial church where goods are being idolised; containers function as personal temples, and above all, the only spaces humans have left. As a similar parallel to cities all over the world enduring mass overpopulation and rising house prices, by wrapping our materialism in ribbons, carving tombs for our memories, we fill our fights with fumes, cry for our losses, and give our greed a choir”