Watch: Ought “Desire” Video

Mar 12, 2018

You're getting the consensus sense right now that Montreal's Ought just put out one of the best albums of the year so far. One of the best songs on the new album Room Inside the World is "Desire" and the video just dropped. It has an interesting twist with the ordinary protagonist transforming into a lead singer in drag. Check it out below.

The video's director Heather Rappard says:  

“Desire” as a song has a real triumphant quality and masculine energy; I wanted to take this and subvert it and create a video that focused more on internal desire. Something that was important to me was that the video feel cathartic and positive; I’ve seen a lot of videos that take on ideas around gender that have characters being assaulted or just exoticized. I wanted this character to have a full life but be most empowered, happiest, and at peace with himself when he’s on stage at the end."