Watch: Tennyson Live In-Studio Performance of “Uh-Oh” w Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Band

Jun 07, 2018

Tennyson has shared a live in-studio performance with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and his band of the title track to last year's Uh oh! EPThe song was performed at Valentine Studios in LA. In the words of Noho Hank from HBO's Barry...It's just nice. 

Some background on Valentine Studios: Valentine Studios was founded in 1963 by former Capitol Records engineer Jimmy Valentine after he purchased and converted an old dentist office into a recording space. The space became a legendary recording studio and went on to produce records from The Beach Boys, Frank Zappa, Jackson Brown and more. As his auto parts business next door began earning more business, Jimmy decided to phase out the studio in 1979. Now almost 40 years after closing, the studio has re-opened and been brought back to life for a modern music landscape while retaining the look and feel of a classic music studio.