Watch: Trummors “Spanish Peaks” Video

Apr 17, 2017

There are all sorts of great artists surrounding Trummors' third LP, Headlands, out May 12th via Ernest Jennings Recording Co. Headlands was recorded and mixed by Jarvis Taveniere (WoodsReal Estate), and produced by Kevin Barker (VetiverFruit Bats). Additional musicians include Dan Horne (Cass McCombsCircles Around the Sun) on pedal steel, Kyle Forester (Crystal StiltsWoods) on piano and saxophone, with Chad Laird & Steve McGuirl (Prince Rupert's Drops) on bass and drums, respectively. Judging by the album opener "Spanish Peaks", the combined effort reflects the talent of all. The video was released today. Check it out below.

With "earthy songs and slightly psychedelic filter on country-rock", the easy riding balladry of Trummors has been rightly compared to "the gentler moments of the Grateful Dead's American Beauty". "Spanish Peaks" cradles you slowly into submission.

Some background of the band was offered in the press release: "Begun in 2010 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Trummors is a duo formed by songwriters Anne Cunningham and David Lerner. Dave, known to some for his years of work with Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, plays acoustic guitar and sings. Anne, who holds a PhD in Comparative Literature, sings and plays harmonium-a hand-pumped reed organ primarily used in drone music. With a revolving cast of musicians, the two songwriters have forged a lush sound that has been called "raga country, country as inner voyage."

Originally from Saugerties, NY, the duo moved to Brooklyn and then to Taos, NM in 2014 where they currently live. In Taos, they soon began work on new songs that would become Headlands. "Fittingly, Headlands draws inspiration from enduring archetypes of the American West. Songs of rambling misadventure and fleeting freedom are shot through with the occasional bracing dose of reality. Sonically, the record traffics in Trummors' signature easy 70s rural grooves and sweet close-harmony vocals, but also features more expansive and dynamic musical interplay."