Walter Martin

Watch: Walter Martin on NPR’s Tiny Desk Ahead of New Album

Dec 01, 2017

Walter Martin has made hay since The Walkmen went on hiatus back in 2013, releasing three solo albums and today, Martin (co-writer/multi-instrumentalist of The Walkmen) announced the forthcoming release of his fourth - Reminisce Bar & Grill. The new album is set to release in early 2018 via Ile Flottante Music. 

He celebrated the announcement by appearing on NPR's Tiny Desk with a barbershop quartet, The Glen Echoes, a group of singers he found online and met for rehearsals the day before coming to NPR. Two of the three songs performed are from Reminisce Bar & Grill -  "I Went Alone On A Solo Australian Tour" and "Me & McAlevey." - the former being a wonderfully amusing call and response between Martin and The Glen Echoes about his observations and reflections from a recent solo tour to Australia. It's a refreshing reminder to not take yourself too seriously and that music can be light and funny.

Here's some background on Martin's new album from the press release:

Reminisce Bar & Grill is one that might throw fans of his two award winning kids' records (2014's We're All Young Together and 2017's My Kinda Music) for a loop. Listeners will still recognize the same affable narrator and quirky musical style as his previous solo work, but here the subject matter is shifted dramatically. With frankness and poignancy, Martin, now a 43-year-old married man with two young children, squarely tackles the subject of adulthood - specifically, his own.
"I think this is my mid-life crisis album," said Walter. "These days my friends and I all seem to be thinking the same dark thoughts - 'What the hell am I doing? What the hell's going on? I'm lost. I'm running out of time and I'm doing everything wrong. And I'm probably dying.' This is definitely an insane period," he continues, "but most of the time I kind of love it."
While Martin approaches these subject matters with candor and sincerity, he clearly also enjoys mining them for humor. "I wanted this album to be an entertaining discussion of marriage, fatherhood, work, fear, and weakness," he explained. "I'm definitely influenced by Woody Allen movies. No matter how serious or romantic or dark his story may be, there's always a strong undercurrent of comedy."