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Jamie Lidell, TV on the Radio, Of Montreal, Chuck D, and Others on Michael Jackson

Architecture in Helsinki, Superchunk, Pop Levi, Herbie Hancock also Comment on the King of Pop's Passing

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Various musicians have either provided Under the Radar with quotes or issued general statements about the passing of Michael Jackson that we thought we'd share with you.

"I can't leave the house, just gonna listen to 'Human Nature' on repeat for 10 hours. It's also a kinda strange sign of the times that I found out about his passing via my phone and a distasteful joke by Mike Simonetti on Twitter. There will NEVER be a pop star like him again, it's impossible. The effect which he had on popular culture was so immense that it will probably take 10 years for people to comprehend it." - Cameron Bird (Architecture in Helsinki)

"Michael Jackson's musical genius and standard for musical entertainment were intended to make the world happy. People underestimate the 40+ years of efforts he made that allowed us to witness greatness. I believe Mr. Jackson passed away from a broken heart and soul, and the culprit is today's celebrity-driven massive micromedia. The FAME machine he felt chained to is the new drug addiction of America. Spending more time on the bad news of a person's life, rather than their courageous and worthy accomplishments, is the supreme trademark of this culprit. Now get ready for the hypocrisy of the industry: radio, print, and televised media who wouldn't give him the time of day over the past 10 years unless it was to ridicule him, the''ll play the hell out of him now that he's gone." - Chuck D (Public Enemy)

"Walk on.

Mike was one of those guys whose music would unite me and sister in song and dance. The only other person that could really do that was Prince. Jacko and Prince never got along. It was as if by liking both of them we made them friends and they moon walk together in my mind forever.

Walk on.
Walk on.
Mike, you never moon walk alone." - Jamie Lidell

"He was the king of pop for his time. 'Off the Wall' was my jam in elementary school. 'I wanna rock wit you... all night!' A truly unique voice. Also, he was hopefully a lesson in not letting insular howard hughes freakdom take over your reality. MJ was the man in the mirror!" - Bryan Poole (Of Montreal)

"So very, very sad all day to hear about Mike's moving on. I didn't know him personally, but through his sound and moves he has brought me continuing happiness and inspiration. I have too many favorite moments to name here, but my favorite is his dance to 'Stranger in Moscow' on the Dangerous Tour in a gold lamé suit. Check it out, there are multiple versions on YouTube. Unreal meets the essence of Disney. I love you Mike, wherever you are. Pop Levi, Liverpool, June 26th, 2009" - Pop Levi

"I've never had a dream bigger than to be part of something like Thriller. We are kids when we hear those songs. We are lovers when we hear those songs. Michael brought the music out of the speakers and affixed it to the most important moments in our lives... all with love... all without cynicism. Nobody moved the needle like him... nobody moved the people like him. He will be missed, and revered. Peace be with you, Michael." - Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio)

"This is an unbelievable tragedy, first of all for his family, for his devout fans, for the world of music and for the world of culture. Michael was one of the most diligent creators. His passion flowed through every pore of his being. His sense of invention was unparalleled. Who else could have thought of the moonwalk and who else could have created such a unique sense of movement in dance. His contribution to music and music videos; Off the Wall, Thriller, 'We are the World' are expressions of his consummate talent. Above all his compassion for serving humanity and desire to uplift and encourage excellence are etched in his legacy.

He changed the world." - Herbie Hancock

"Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both passed away on the same day yesterday, both icons of my youth and both sad at the end in different ways. Farrah was publicly sick for a long time, so that was sad but not sudden. But hearing about Michael Jackson, though I certainly wouldn't have described him as 'healthy,' was more shocking news than I would have anticipated, more affecting. With Farrah, I was a boy in the '70s, of course I had 'The Poster,' alongside a more democratic poster of all 3 Charlie's Angels (original lineup only for me). And with Michael I really thought of him as a cartoon for a long time since I would watch the Jackson 5 cartoon on Saturday mornings. Post-J5 it's incredible to think about the impact he had on pop music then and into the future, basically with just 2 albums—Off the Wall, the best, and Thriller, the best-selling. Quincy Jones' production on both is visionary in itself, and coupled with Michael's bizarre energy and delivery and voice... "Rock With You" was certainly a soundtrack to my 10- year-old summer, and though by the time Thriller came out I was really just into rock and metal, I was still riveted by the videos and the 'Billie Jean' performance on the Motown TV special. But already, though this was pre-skin bleaching and all the craziness, he seemed like he was from space or something. The art he was making was compelling but I never felt a personal connection to the human being, which is why it's still hard to understand the global reach of Michael Jackson as a phenomenon that filled stadiums (years after he'd become a reverse-shadow of himself) and is now bringing crowds of people into the streets weeping. All that can't be about the dancing and the glove and the hits, so what is it about? I don't claim to get it. I do know that with Farrah and Michael both, though they occupied some sort of pop culture place for me as a kid, and I would never turn the dial on 'I Want You Back' and a bunch of other songs, I lost track and didn't think much about either after the early '80s. But when I did I had a vague feeling that I wished that both would turn themselves around, stop embarrassing themselves, return to civilization, return to earth basically; I was rooting for them to be what I thought they were when I was 10." - Mac McCaughan (Superchunk) in a blog post

"I remember waking up out of a dead sleep at the age of thirteen, radio tuned to WTOB to find 'I Want You Back' blasting through the speaker. It was a most remarkable experience, hearing those voices and that track, and I loved all the J5 singles from then on out. Who didn't? Michael, thanks for waking me up. Safe journey home." - Peter Holsapple (of Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey and The dB's)

"From the age of five I loved Michael Jackson and listened to thriller a gazillion times (just like nearly everyone else on the planet) and whatever has happened since his hey day of Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad it is those three albums and all the incredible pop music on them that I will remember. Plus he redefined the live pop performer creating some of the most breathtaking live shows in history. His qualities, onstage and in the studio are resonant in almost all of today's pop performers. The only person that could ever have, or will have, the right or audacity to proclaim himself the King of Pop. A legend." - Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol)

"I am filled with sadness when I think of Michael Jackson's life. When I look at the videos of him as a child, he had this pure happiness and bright energy. He was amazing, such talent, such a star! As he grew under the watchful eye of the world and the insane amount of pressure, he became ill and the world judged him for this. He was made a monster. There was no grace given out to him once his actions came to light. And the changes made to his appearance only made people look at him worse, but obviously he was very unhappy with himself. Desperate for change.  He was so difficult to watch grow up...and yet we couldn't resist because after all, it was MICHEAL JACKSON! My heart aches to think of the vulnerability and extreme exploitation he was stuck in. Looking on the 'bright side,' Michael Jackson has been there all my life. I got the chance to be excited by him, to dance and sing as a child myself. He had THE MOVES. When I was a teenager, my dad came home one day sporting the red leather jacket with all the zippers. I was so ecstatic! I remember wearing that jacket a lot, dancing my heart away in my bedroom. So awesome. Michael Jackson has been everywhere. The boy I had a crush on in elementary school idolized him. Every chance he got he was showing off his moves. Whoa! Those moves!  Now, I go to a dance for the disabled community I am an active part of every month. There is a petite man with down syndrome there who knows Michael's moves to a T. He is the delight of the dance! Michael Jackson influenced so many people and his energy and style will live on a long time.

I hope that he is back to his child self now, dancing in the clouds. Rest in peace Michael, and dance the night away!" - Becky Ninkovic (You Say Party! We Say Die!)


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June 29th 2009

Wonderful item. Thank you!

Elina Williams
June 4th 2010

This is really big loss of world pop music.Because Mike had had excellent work in pop music.None of can fulfill his place…