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Tuesday, August 16th, 2022  

Osheaga Music Festival 2014 Announces Line-up

Jack White, OutKast, and Arctic Monkeys to Headline

Mar 11, 2014 Osheaga Festival Bookmark and Share

Montreal’s Osheaga Music Festival, scheduled for Aug. 1-3, has announced its 2014 line-up of artists.

Taking place at Park Jean-Drapeau, the three-day event will feature Jack White, OutKast, and Arctic Monkeys as its headliners, with additional performances by The Replacements, Modest Mouse, Lykke Li, HAIM, CHVRCHES, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Foster the People, Local Natives, SBTRKT, Cut copy, London Grammar, Volcano Choir, Four Tet, Kevin Drew, Mac DeMarco, Jagwar Ma, Temples, Childish Gambino, Band of Horses, and many others.

Passes for the festival are currently available on program’s website.



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