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Premiere: Exclusive Clip from Horror Film “Wowzers”

Horror short will make its West Coast debut at Dances with Films on 6/21

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Co-written by producer/star Sam Fox and director Ace Thor, the new short horror film Wowzers is making the rounds at film festivals and being pitched as the first part of an anthology series. This psychedelic short feature is filled with striking visuals that should appeal to fans of Dario Argento's usage of color, and haunting images that recall the work of David Lynch. 

The official synopsis from the producers, below:

"Dark, kinky and at times disturbingly comedic, WOWZERS is an experimental, clever thriller complete with an uneasy horror score, that tells the story of Jacqueline (Sam Fox), a tormented young woman haunted by a recurring dream. She is catapulted into the peculiar and deviant world of WOWZERS, where dreams and reality teeter and toter on the whimsical desires of Mr. Dimms (Sam Ball). A cheeky master of ceremony of the subconscious, Dimms lures visitors to confront personal woe. Whether these journeys bode well for the dreamer or not, Dimms always triumphs in ways unimaginable."

Wowzers will next play at the Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles, screening at the TCL Chinese Theaters on June 21st. You can purchase tickets here.

We’re excited to premiere the below clip from Wowzers:

“The idea behind the sound design and score for Wowzers was to compliment and highlight the dark, comedic, and whimsical style of the piece,” says director and composer Ace Thor. “Much of Wowzers' score is focused on building tension and inciting a feeling of uneasiness. In opposition to this tension, was my need to also provide a contrast to the dark side of Wowzers. I wanted a more lyrical sound to represent the dreamlike characteristics of the story while still maintaining an aspect of tension coupled with curiosity. I spent a lot of time getting the sound design to blend into the film, while still maintaining peculiar accents that, for brief moments, seize your attention. I really tried to push the limits of making the sound design natural. How can I get unusual cartoon sound effects to sound motivated and not out of place or contrived?” 

“Prior to scoring Wowzers, I had just watched Blade Runner 2049, which then provoked me to rewatch one of my favorite films, Blade Runner,” Thor continues. “I think if anything influenced my score for Wowzers it was the bass tones of Zimmer and synth sounds from Vangelis. We are influenced by what occupies our conscience. I always try to tap into what interests me most, the subconscious. There are a million and one of my favorite scores playing in the back of my head while making a film. The very process of trying to find the musicality underneath and within the score was awesome and fascinating, as it mirrored what we're all trying to do in the creation of the world of Wowzers.”

You can watch an extended trailer for Wowzers below:

 Wowzers is the inspiration and foundation for the universe and style of an anthology series currently in development," explains Thor. "Wowzers asks fundamental questions of the "every-man"; questions about identity both social and personal, consumerism, truth, self-worth, and the meaning of happiness. Do we really know what we want or need? Can we achieve what we think we are owed? Or do we ultimately get what we deserve in the end regardless of our efforts to find meaning? Wowzers will take you to a world that is created by the dreamer."



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