Premiere: Conor Patrick & The Shooting Tsar Orchestra Playlist

Jan 29-31 in Trondheim, Norway

Jan 31, 2015
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It’s the final day of Trondheim Calling and we’ve still got a full slate of artists to look forward to. Getting us in the mood to tackle our day (since attempting to catch some sleep didn’t really do it) is a Spotify playlist from Conor Patrick & The Shooting Tsar Orchestra Playlist. The breathlessly epic pop group will be finishing out our experience in Norway with a band—plus they have a single called “Under the Radar”…so how could we not love them?

“We have all stood a little too close to the edge, frightening the hell out of the ones who love us the most,” says the band of their choices. “We have all lied, deceived or just wanted to hurt someone or someone's feelings. Or we have fantasized about it, envisioned the scenario. The pull towards the darkness on the inside. And then processing the guilt-ridden joy of our thoughts or actions in the aftermath. We put together a set of songs confronting the deeper undertows in our emotions and desires. Songs of unveiled identities, like ‘Rocket man,’ the infamous Hungarian suicide song ‘Gloomy Sunday’ performed by Billie Holiday, Trent Reznor's desperate ‘Hurt’ and Arcade Fire's battling ‘My body is a cage’ deal with some sort of inner struggle. They will hopefully bring you some gloom... or gloomily bring you some hope...”

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