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Under the Radar Seeks New Writers in Music, Film, TV, and Other Areas

Want to write about music, films, TV shows, comic books, books, and DVDs for us?

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Under the Radar is actively seeking experienced new writers to write for our print magazine, digital magazine for tablets/smart-phones, and our website. We're not only looking for music writers, but are also on the hunt for writers who want to write about any of these entertainment mediums: film/DVDs, TV, comic books, and books. Interested parties should please email music samples to (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Three important points:

  • We're only looking for experienced writers who have written for other established websites and/or print magazines. 
  • Please put "Writing Samples" in the subject line of the email. 
  • Please do not apply if you're hoping to make tons and tons of money, as there simply isn't much money in independent print journalism these days. We make a comfortable living at Under the Radar, but do it out of a passion for music and the other mediums we cover and not for big paychecks. We also don't have any fulltime positions available right now, we're only looking for freelancers. But our writers are very much involved in the editorial process at Under the Radar and are often consulted on big decisions about each issue.

Please include the following information:

Writing samples, ideally as direct links to samples online or Word documents, need to be submitted. Please submit at least two reviews in whichever entertainment medium or mediums you are most interested in writing about it. (So if you want to write about music for us, then please include two album reviews. Film writers should submit two film reviews, and so on.) If you've written feature articles, then also submit two of those. We'd prefer not to read live reviews or Q&As. Please don't just send us a general link to your blog, they need to be specific links that go directly to your best samples.

Also include a list of publications (print and/or online) that you have written for in the past or currently write for.

And finally, if possible we would like to see a list of your 10 or so favorite releases from the last year connected to whichever entertainment medium you most want to write about. So for music writers, it's a list of your favorite albums from the last year or so. For comic book writers it's your favorite comic books and graphic novels from the last year, and so on. (FYI: many of our writers write about various different forms of entertainment, but some only specialize in a certain area, such as music or comic books, and we're happy for either type of writer.)

Here's how the process works:

If we're interested in having you write for us, then we will get back in contact with you to discuss further. It may take us several weeks (or even months) to get back to you, so be patient. Please don't send a follow up email to ask if we've received your samples and please don't call us. We'll definitely be in touch if we're interested in working with you. And if you're not chosen now, you're welcome to submit brand new writing samples again six months from now and we do wish you luck with all your future writing endeavors. Thanks!


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Matthew Partington
August 7th 2014

Please refer to the bottom of my LinkedIn portfolio for samples. I can provide more recent ones if you like! I love what I have seen of the Under the Radar and would be ecstatic to contribute to the team. I’ve done concert reviews, previews, musician interviews, interview features, biographies on musicians… Pretty much the whole gamut.

Matthew Partington

Kristin Rucinski
August 19th 2014

I am very interested in being a freelance writer for your magazine. My favorite genre is music, especially alternative.
I have a special talent for finding artists that will make it big. When I first listened to Lourdes I knew instantly that she would be extremely popular and several Grammy’s later I was right.
I saw “Cage the elephant” in concert one of their very early ones and knew they too would be a chart topper.
So, what I would like to do is write an article telling your fans who to look out for.
Just today I was listening to great artists and here are the ones to look out for, ‘The neighborhood, MSMR, Rooney and a company of thieves. I found that these are going to be some of the up-coming chart toppers.
As for my experiences as a writer, it’s a natural talent, I journal everyday and listen to an entire cd.
I realize that musicians use their music the way I journal, the way I see it, a cd just isn’t about one particular song, it has to do with the entire cd.
I feel that if these people do begin to top the charts you will become very interested in me.
Another up and comer is Matthew Curry, an amazing guitar god, liken unto Jimmy Hendricks himself, in fact he plays the national anthem just like he did, so look for the soul filled sounds of Matthew Curry and the Fury, a very talented group of musicians. I will write often and looking forward to any type of correspondences.
What I loved about ‘The Neighborhood, is the hypnotic beat of the song flawless, MSMR, she reminds me of
Annie Lenox , Company of Thieves a wonderful female voice, so check them out and let’s see if I am right.
OH and the song, “take me to church” is going to be a big song in the days ahead, these are my predictions, calling myself gyp5y.

Mariah Carey
October 7th 2014

I don’t think I have the proper ideas to create a story.

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