Shop Small and Save Big with Under the Radar’s Memorial Day Sale - 35% Off Subscriptions

From Now to Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST (Plus 50% Off Back Issues)

May 26, 2017
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Summer's here and we've got your poolside reading material for you, the best independent music magazine under the sun! And this long weekend is the perfect time to add Under the Radar to your summer reading list, as we are having a Memorial Day Sale. It's happening right now and continues until Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST. All weekend we're offering 35% off all print subscriptions. Plus all back issues and digital subscriptions are 50% off. That means a one-year U.S. subscription is only around $11.00 (usually it's $16.99). And don't forget that two-year subscriptions come with a free CD of you choice from a selection of great albums.

In this time of mass media consolidation and our current troubled political climate, a free press is more important than ever and especially so when it comes to independently owned and run media entities such as Under the Radar, which The Nation named "Most Valuable Music Magazine" in its 2016 Progressive Honor Roll. But a truly independent print magazine such as Under the Radar, one that is not beholden to corporate interests and that covers the music we're honestly passionate about, depends very much on subscriptions and back issue sales to continue printing.

For Memorial Day discounts on print and digital subscriptions go here and enter the promo codes below.

Promo Code for one year: MEM1YR

Promo Code for two year: MEM2YR

Promo Code for digital only: MEMDIGI

For 50% off all print Back Issues go here and enter the promo code below.

Promo Code for back issues: MEMBKS (There will be a link at checkout that says "Use Gift Card or Promo Code")

For your subscription you not only get the best American indie rock print magazine delivered right to your doorstep, you also get complimentary access to the interactive digital version of the magazine via our app for tablets and smart phones. Each issue also includes a free download sampler featuring 33 MP3s, as well as all the interviews and reviews. And during our sale back issues are 50% off, so if you're new to Under the Radar or missed a recent issue then this is your chance to get caught up.

Also, if you'd like to support Under the Radar in other ways you can sign up to our crowd-funding Patreon page for a regular monthly donation, starting as low as only $1.00. You'll get access to some exclusive content and lots of cool rewards, including subscriptions, rare back issues, limited edition photo prints, and more.

We are very thankful for our lovely readers and hope you have a wonderful summer.


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