Jul 06, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

 "I was reading Carl Jung's Synchronicity while writing a lot of the songs," Annelotte de Graaf aka Amber Arcades explains. "It's a cool book. In theory, the power of positive thinking is a very nice idea—shaping your own life—but I also can't help being a little cynical towards it.  More

Jun 30, 2016 Web Exclusive

Former Pipette and The Lovely Wars frontwoman Ani Glass (aka Welsh native Ani Saunders, sister of her Pipettes bandmate, and fellow solo artist, Gwenno Saunders) released a new single on Monday, "Y Ddawns" ("The Dance" in Welsh).  More

Jun 23, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Though he has spent most of his life preparing for a career in music, Chris Duncan (who uses "C Duncan" as his stage name) was nonetheless surprised by how quickly he realized his potential. More

Jun 21, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

"Breaking up the band was made a bit easier because I never really liked the name Hooray For Earth," laughs Noel Heroux, the former frontman/main creative force behind said band. T More

Jun 16, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

It has been two weeks since Julien Baker made a triumphal trek through SXSW, but she is still buzzing. Playing five shows in four days, the 20-year-old singer/songwriter became one of the festival's breakout acts, taking a victory lap after her 2015 full-length debut, Sprained Ankle, became one of the year's most-acclaimed breakthroughs.  More

Jun 14, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Marlon Williams has a towering presence wherever he goes, in more than one way. The 24-year-old New Zealand-born singer/songwriter is a lofty six foot three inches, although he thinks his skinniness makes him appear even taller. More

Jun 09, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

If Charlie Hilton's solo debut album Palana brings to mind a certain iconic 1960s singer, know that you're not the only one to notice the similarities. The Blouse frontwoman recognizes her untraditional vocal phrasing ("My vocal delivery style sometimes sounds a little funny!"), puts her in line for Nico comparisons. More

Jun 02, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

It should have been a joyous occasion, but Big Thief's SXSW debut was instead fraught with difficulty for  frontwoman Adrianne Lenker. Not long before the Brooklyn-bred indie rock quartet's first shows at that massive Austin festival this year, Lenker all but lost a crucial component of being a musician: her ability to hear. More

May 26, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Gil Carroll didn't set out to make one of 2016's most buzzed-about dream pop records. Yet he and the other members of Living Hour seem to have done just that, despite the fact that he adamantly says, "When we started this band, I didn't even know what the term 'dream pop' meant." More