Feb 12, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Jerking, frantic, visceral rock from the El Paso band Le Butcherettes abounds here on their fourth full-length, bi/MENTAL, their first away from long-term collaborator/producer Omar Rodríguez-López (of The Mars Volta).  More

Roger Daltrey

Thanks A Lot Mr Kibblewhite

Published by Henry Holt

Feb 11, 2019 Books Web Exclusive

Roger Daltrey tells of his life in The Who in his memoir, Thanks A Lot Mr Kibblewhite. More

Angelo De Augustine


Asthmatic Kitty

Feb 11, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

The third album by Thousand Oaks, CA-based singer/songwriter Angelo De Augustine is a minor key miracle.  More

Feb 11, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Mixing New Wave style anthemic pop hooks with jangly chorused guitars and New Age lyrics, the Norwegian dream pop group Chain Wallet strive for profundity amidst the dizzying headrush of '80s nostalgia. More


Studio: The Criterion Collection

Feb 11, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

Shame isn’t spoken of as much as Bergman’s other classics, but it absolutely deserves every ounce of its recognition and continued acclaim. More

Feb 08, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

After a run of three outstanding albums in the form of 2012's Silver Age, career-highlight Beauty & Ruin in 2014, and tear-stained gem Patch the Sky in 2016, former Hüsker Dü and Sugar frontman Bob Mould delivers a brighter, bolder rock record than one might expect at this stage of his storied career. More

Feb 08, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

No band sweats luscious, dizzying nostalgia like The Lemonheads. Once cover boy Evan Dando is the sole consistent member of the Boston-formed college-rockers and Varshons 2 picks up where his 2009 album of covers, Varshons, left offblatantly mediocre covers of cushy, critically-acclaimed acts (Varshons featured songs by Gram Parsons, Wire, GG Allin, Leonard Cohen, and Tim Hardin).  More

Chillers: The Complete Series

Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment

Feb 08, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

Structured as if it were a low-rent version of The Twilight Zone set against mundane neighborhoods in England and France, the series walks us through twelve isolated stories of ordinary people behaving badly. More

Michael Chapman

True North

Paradise of Bachelors

Feb 07, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

To hear Michael Chapman for the very first time can be a confounding experience. The British progressive-folk statesman's music is hypnotic, elaborate, sentimental; any cushy description feels facile, pointlessChapman's 40-plus album discography consists of enchanting guitar craftsmanship that's too dense to be considered American Primitive, too complex to be folk, too rustic to come close to jazz. More