Jul 08, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

If you don't know who Noel Gallagher is you probably shouldn't be reading this. And since no introduction is necessary, none will be given. More

Jesca Hoop


Memphis Industries

Jul 05, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

These days, the fate of the world seems to depend on how much we care about each other. Gun violence, abortion rights, mental health awareness—everything comes back to whether or not we can collectively pause and listen. More

Jul 04, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Mannequin Pussy shows its diversity on Patience, which finds the band perfectly balancing its raw power with a gentler pop. More

Jul 03, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Buzzcocks' 1979 album A Different Kind of Tension may have been released the same year as Singles Going Steady, but it is a different shape of beast to Singles. For a start it was recorded intentionally as an album rather than cobbled together by a naive U.S. label in search of punk dollar.  More

Jul 03, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

I'm writing this just days after the, apparently, monumentally brilliant and moving tribute show to late Buzzcocks singer Pete Shelley, at London's Royal Albert Hall. More

Jul 02, 2019 Books Web Exclusive

With No Walls and the Recurring Dream, feminist icon and folk troubadour Ani DiFranco presents an unvarnished look at her life and art up until the early 2000s. More

Jul 02, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Faith Eliott has always been comfortable around academia. Their parents are historians, their childhood was spent surrounded by dusty books and museum artefacts, learning and the high arts. More


Some Cities

USM/Virgin EMI

Jul 01, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

A further three years would pass before Doves were to unleash their next collection of new songs.  More


The Last Broadcast

USM/Virgin EMI

Jul 01, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

With spirits high after the success of Lost Souls, including a Mercury Prize nomination, Doves were in a buoyant mood when it came to planning for the follow-up.  More