Aug 09, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

At the time of this writing, the 2012 London Olympics are just around the corner and, despite this release fairly coinciding with the announcement of the Team GB athletics squad, most of the talk on these shores still seems to center on how the opening and closing ceremonies will showcase the best of British culture. Blur will headline a closing ceremonies concert in London's Hyde Park, and to celebrate, they continue to consolidate their status as the band that matured post-Britpop with a new single. More

Go On

(NBC, Tuesdays 9/8 Central)

Aug 08, 2012 TV Web Exclusive

On Friends, Chandler would revert to humor to deal with anything and everything. Go On has taken that characteristic of Matthew Perry's most famous role and designed a whole show around it. More

Aug 08, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Is there any more rightly despised genre of music than singer/songwriter? For most listeners, the very mention of the genre brings to mind some awful hours spent trapped in a college coffee shop, trying to stomach the "great new singer" a significant other is obsessed with. Too often, the genre is populated by earnest musicians who lack a good voice, good lyrics, interesting instrumentation, or some combination of the three. More

Aug 08, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

After 37 years as a Japanese, import-only rarity, this 1975 concert album has been given its first release on American CD. While not a must-buy, it’s a long overdue release for completists and anyone else interested hearing one of the last century’s most popular and accomplished performers at the very top of his game and the height of his success.


Aug 07, 2012 Live

Greetings from Norway where—swaddled in a cozy/confusing fog of jetlag—I’ll be spending the next five days taking in Olso’s fourteenth annual Øya Festival. Today I caught: Making MarksEinar Stray, and Disaster in the Universe More

Aug 07, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

The New Zealand band Opossom sound considerably friendlier and more approachable than their namesake critter. This debut album plays like the aural equivalent of a relentlessly upbeat pal who wants nothing more than to sit next to you and radiate, and whether or not their enthusiasm fully rubs off by the end of the disc, the likable vibe lingers. More

Aug 06, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Antony and the Johnsons' first live album, Cut the World, tells us nothing that we don't already know about New York by way of the U.K. collective. More

Aug 03, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Niki & The Dove pose a strong argument for living life as fantastically as possible. The Scandinavian duo (vocalist Malin Dahlström and keyboardist Gustaf Karlöf) favor big choruses and even bigger sentimentspeppering their theatrical synth pop with talk of life, death, and love at its most extreme. As a result, the band's debut album Instinct feels like the result of years of studying at the feet of the material girl herself, marinated in the melancholy of their native Sweden. More

Junk Culture

Wild Quiet

Illegal Art

Aug 02, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Oxford, Mississippi's Deepak MantenaJunk Culture's wizard-behind-the-curtaintakes the languid, retro-pop vibes of the recent chillwave rush and injects his personal experiences of hurting and pain, giving some welcome emotional weight to this steamy woozadelica. More