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The Trip

Studio: IFC Films

Jun 10, 2011 Cinema #36 - Music vs. Comedy

Director Michael Winterbottom's The Trip is a rather audacious conceitequal parts Sideways, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Extras. Comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon ostensibly portray themselves, although grossly exaggerated cartoon versions, as Brydon joins Coogan at the last minute when his girlfriend backs out of a food-tasting trip across northern Britain. More

Jun 10, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

Plenty of people listen to NPR, but few take orders from it. Meet, then, young composer Ryan Lott, aka Son Lux, who recorded We are Rising in 28 days as part of All Songs Considered's double dare to musicians to record and finish an album in the month of February. More

Jun 09, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

The opinions prompted by the second album from Tyler, The Creator will likely be as contradictory as its material. More

Jun 08, 2011 Music #36 - Music vs. Comedy

Yes, it's a really stupid band name—but don't let it get in the way of enjoying the tunes. (Remember childhood lessons about not judging a book by its cover?) More

Jun 07, 2011 Music #36 - Music vs. Comedy

The early appeal of Sondre Lerche was that his clean sound and unabashed pop leanings felt like an antidote to the scraggly masses. More

Jun 06, 2011 Music #36 - Music vs. Comedy

The cover art to Battles' second album, Gloss Drop, is quite strange, even considering the type of music this avant-garde/experimental rock band has assembled in its short history together. A mountain of pink, melting silly string is shot in hyper close-up. At first, it just seems like a pisstake, but once the listening begins, the photograph's deflated playfulness sets in as a visual premonition. More

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Night Powers

Dark Horse

Written by Christopher Hastings & Benito Cereno; Art by Christopher Hastings; Pencils by Les McClaine; Cover by Carly Monardo

Jun 03, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Night Powers is a funny book, and its creator, Christopher Hastings, is multi-talented—solid art, solid story, and nice pacing.

Jun 03, 2011 Music #36 - Music vs. Comedy

The Rosebuds (Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard) have never been "chipper." Upbeat sure—but their tastes of joy have always been tempered by the shadows dancing around the edges of the nightclub. 


Jun 02, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

Antony and the Johnsons have always been generous to their fans, traditionally unleashing a string of singles/EPs both preceding and following their LPs that contain a clutch of B-sides that rank alongside the best of their work. More