The Walkmen


Fat Possum

May 29, 2012 Music Issue #41 - Yeasayer

For their seventh album, HeavenThe Walkmen hired Phil Ek (Built To Spill, The Shins, Modest Mouse, Les Savy Fav, etc.) to handle production duties. It's safe to assume this choice had something to do with The Walkmen opening for Fleet Foxes last year, as Ek produced both of Fleet Foxes' LPs. More

Batman, Incorporated #1


Written by Grant Morrison; Pencilled, Inked, & Colored by Christopher Burnham; Cover Color by Nathan Fairbairn; Lettered by DC Lettering

May 29, 2012 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Grant Morrison's Batman, Incorporated returned last week with a bloody and action-packed debut issue. It's essentially the crown jewel of DC's "Second Wave" of New 52 titles in terms of writing, but artist Christopher Burnham is no slouch either. More

May 29, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

On what's about the 200th release from this psych duo, Matt Valentine and Erika Elder provide more of what they do best. More

The Annotated Sandman


Writer (original story): Neil Gaiman; Annotator: Leslie S. Klinger

May 28, 2012 Comic Books Web Exclusive

In theory, treating the first 20 issues of The Sandman as an object of literature seems a fine idea. After all, it's a fantastic read, and Neil Gaiman's stories are steeped in mythology and history that has come before (as is most of the best literature). But the flip side of an annotation is that the focus is taken off the art and put on to the process and the surrounding ephemera. Seeing some of how the sausage is made, as it were.  More

May 28, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

The year 2000, when Bright Eyes' Fevers and Mirrors was initially released, was, in retrospect, the final vestige of an era of mystery, soon to be supplanted by Internet message board inundation and Twitter ubiquity. More

Annie Hall Blu-ray

Studio: MGM

May 26, 2012 DVDs Web Exclusive

By now, virtually of the major directors recognized in the 20th century pantheon have gotten the Blu-ray treatment, save Woody Allen. Now, the Blu-ray edition of Allen's Annie Hall has arrived at last. More

The Intouchables

Studio: The Weinstein Company

May 26, 2012 Cinema Issue #41 - Yeasayer

One of the highest grossing French films of all time, The Intouchables is a broad-stroked portrait of the development of an unlikely friendship between the aristocratic paraplegic Philippe (François Cluzet) and his reluctant Senegalese caregiver Driss (Omar Sy).


May 25, 2012 Music Issue #41 - Yeasayer

The good news is, with a Sigur Rós album, you know what you're getting into. The bad news is...oh, come on, you thought there was truly any bad news associated with a new Sigur Rós album? More

May 25, 2012 Music Issue #41 - Yeasayer

If Teen Daze is Max Fischer, chillwave is his Rushmore. Unlike contemporaries such as Toro Y Moi and Washed Outwho graduated from the pseudo-genre's lackadaisical backbeats and murky synths on the strength of their pop chopsthe nameless Canadian producer seems happy to wallow in the world of hazy electro soundscapes. More