The Babadook

Studio: IFC Midnight
Directed by Jennifer Kent

Nov 28, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

The best horror films use their monsters as a stand-in for some real world fear or trauma, and writer/director Jennifer Kent’s feature debut The Babadook is no exception. More

Nov 27, 2014 Live

The Paradiso is an old church turned music venue. So if I slip up and use cliché expressions like ethereal, divine, or otherworldly to describe Douglas Dare’s set there on Monday night, just remember—they started it, not me. More

The Kitchen #1


Nov 26, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The Kitchen is a great reminder of the perfect malleability of the comic medium. While it always feels over-saturated by superheroes and science fiction, it's great to see a good idea make its way into print without relying on capes and tights. More

The Imitation Game

Studio: The Weinstein Company
Directed by Morten Tyldum

Nov 26, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Code breaker, war hero, and grandfather of the modern computer; with that resume, it’s amazing we haven’t seen a dozen Alan Turing films. More

Nov 26, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

There are, according to the Internet's cod psychology, somewhere between five and seven stages of grief. Regardless of scientific accuracy, it is unlikely that any of the stages include "make a blistering pop funk album;" this brings us to TV on the Radio's fifth full-length offering, Seeds. More

Nov 26, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Thom Yorke is at the point in his career where anything he does is going to be viewed with the importance of a revelation from Mount Sinai. More

Nov 25, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Have Pink Floyd, never the most beloved band in certain music critic circles, finally beaten the industry and signed off with an unreviewable album? After all, it is the critic's duty to devote a record their full attention, to listen closely and examine it in detail. More

Nov 24, 2014 Books Web Exclusive

Truth is more disturbing that fiction in Valerie Ogden’s biography of Gilles de Rais, the Bluebeard of legend. 


Nov 24, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Even those who detest Ariel Pink's think piece-baiting persona will likely admit that, on some level, the L.A. pop savant is an important artist. New generation ironists Mac DeMarco and Foxygen simply wouldn't exist without him. More