Nov 15, 2012 Music Issue #43 - Animal Collective

Here’s the 12th album in 15 years by these prolific and singular Brooklynites, recorded in their beloved studio, the Ocropolis. It finds the band in a low gear, almost idling. More


Information Retrieved

Temporary Residence

Nov 14, 2012 Music Issue #43 - Animal Collective

Pinback are one for the indie rock purists. In 2012, a band can be more beard-stroking than drum kit-thrashing and include a Mongolian throat-singer where should stand a rhythm guitarist and still be branded ‘indie rock.’ That’s nothing to criticize, but it goes partway to explaining why Information Retrieved sends a nostalgic ripple up my spine. More

Nov 13, 2012 Music Issue #43 - Animal Collective

When it seems like every pop star with more than a one-album deal releases a holiday album, why don’t more folks from the fringes do it? A vocal-oriented group like The Polyphonic Spree is a natural to follow earlier examples such as Sufjan Stevens’ 2006 box set, even if it doesn’t crowd Madonna’s “Santa Baby” from the airwaves. More

Brian Eno



Nov 12, 2012 Music Issue #43 - Animal Collective

It might cheer Brian Eno to think that his name, at this stage in an ever-evolving career, is synonymous with possibly nothing, thanks to his stature as a reliably trend-shrugging experimentalist. The fact that the past decade has seen him release more collaborative material than solo material also suggests that he’s having little difficulty tripping over his ego these days. More

Nov 09, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Clinic are as known-quantity as a band can get. They are one of those antidote bands designed for fans who get mad when a band evolves too much. If they are changing, it’s at a scarcely detectable speed, like an exciting glacier (apologies to any geologist Under the Radar readers).     More

A Royal Affair

Studio: Magnolia Pictures
Director: Nikolaj Arcel

Nov 09, 2012 Cinema Web Exclusive

Set amidst the burgeoning enlightenment of the late 18th century, Nikolaj Arcel's A Royal Affair tells the familiar tale of Caroline, a woman betrothed for royal marriage to the crown prince of Denmark, Christian VII.  Ostensibly a period drama and a character study, the film ultimately uses these devices to tackle issues as timely as progress vis-à-vis the debate over scientific and religious doctrine. More

Nov 08, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Rooting around in an old attic stuffed full of junk can be a hit and miss process: Homer Simpson found a “Stradawhovius,” I found a signed picture of David Cassidy; Can found The Lost Tapes, Oasis found The Masterplan. So when of Montreal went rooting around their discarded odds and sods collection, they would have known that the odds of finding anything worth releasing were pretty well 50/50. More

Nov 07, 2012 Live

The trick to reviewing a Jens Lekman performance isn’t properly recapping the experience, but not sounding like a blithering fan girl while doing it.


Patrick Wolf

Sundark and Riverlight

Essential/Bloody Chamber

Nov 07, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

This double album opus is, if anything, an audacious conceit, as the ever-adventurous Patrick Wolf cherry-picks numbers off of his full-lengths and reinvents them dramatically. More