Nov 11, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

Florence Welch and her machine are here to take you to church with Ceremonials, the bombastic and bruising second album from the flame-haired British singer and her band. And you should get in the car, because with a record this epic, it's not like you have a choice: Ceremonials is like a musical Category 5 hurricane tearing through a bat mitzvah. More

Nov 11, 2011 Live

My first experience with M83 was some six years ago in a coffee shop at USC. He was busy pushing buttons, and refusing to stand on ceremony by actually acknowledging his audience. I was a student with a budding musical curiosity and a complete lack of earplugs.  More

Nov 10, 2011 Music Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

Round 1: In one corner the younger Gallagher brother, Liam, and his Beady Eye album, Different Gear, Still Speeding. In the other corner, the elder, Noel, weighing in as the primary songwriter for Britpop icons Oasis, and the long-awaited release of his solo debut, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. More

Nov 09, 2011 Live Web Exclusive

Last night, two months before the release of its second LP, The Lion's RoarFirst Aid Kit played its first sold-out headlining show in Los Angeles, at the famed Troubadour. More

Nov 09, 2011 Live

Let’s get one thing straight—Slow Club is not twee. More

Nov 09, 2011 Music Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

Zambri (sisters Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri) doesn’t speak in tongues, but they do twist synths, drum machines, industrial crashes, and their ethereal voices into a fevered cloud. More

Batman: Noël (Deluxe Edition)


Written by Lee Bermejo; Art and cover by Lee Bermejo

Nov 08, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Writer/artist Lee Bermejo (Joker) tries to tap into the emotional core of the Batman character and mythos with the seasonal graphic novel, Batman: Noël. What could just be a Christmas Carol-aping curio at best, ultimately sheds a chiaroscuroed light on Gotham's shadowy protector. More

Nov 08, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

In both facets of her career, actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg has made a living bringing other people's visions to life. More

Nov 07, 2011 Music Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

By now we know what to expect from Bradford Cox: a rejection of convention, an embrace of bedroom recording techniques, and a liberal dollop of weird. More