X-Men: Days of Future Past

Studio: 20th Century Fox
Directed by Bryan Singer

May 22, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

X-Men: Days of Future Past brings the current-day cast members (Jackman, Stewart, McKellen) together with their younger counterparts from the 2011 prequel First Class (McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence) for one big, wild mutant smorgasborg. More

May 22, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

At this stage in the game, we sort of know what to expect when Calgary homebody Chad VanGaalen puts out a new album: woozy, spacious, acoustic-based tracks that cut beautiful, melancholy, desert-flower melodies with disturbing background noise; lyrics full of strange imagery that itches at your brain; sinewy vocal harmonies. More

May 21, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

It's the 20th anniversary of Oasis' debut album, Definitely Maybe, and we get a brand new remastered box set, with two discs' worth of bonus material. We also get a pretty cold promotion from lead singer Liam Gallagher via a caps-locked tweet insisting that nobody "buy into it." So now what? More

Next Year Jerusalem

Studio: First Run Features
Directed by David Gaynes

May 21, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Director David Gaynes’ understated documentary follows eight senior citizens as they make a pilgrimage from their assisted living facility in Connecticut to Jerusalem.  More

May 21, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Small Black quickly follows its 2013 sophomore full-length, Limits of Desire, with the Real People EP. Guest artist Frankie Rose's vocals blend into the tones of Small Black's Josh Kolenik on the fizzing dance-pop title track, a strong starter to the EP. More

May 20, 2014 TV

"Mockingbird" sounds like the start of a bad joke that quickly turns into a Machiavellian morality tale. More

May 20, 2014 Live Web Exclusive

Of the vista-scraping crowd gathered at the Farm Bureau Live amphitheater in Virginia Beach, it's a safe bet that more than a few had seen Springsteen perform live, with or without The E Street Band, at least once. More

May 20, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

I suspect there's many an Anglophone listener for whom there's always been something quintessentially "French" about Yann Tiersen. The Breton multi-instrumentalist's brand of orchestral post-rock has haunted the peripheries of the alternative music zeitgeist since the days of Amélie, one of the most successful French cinematic exports of—well, perhaps ever—and a whiff of francité has long since trailed him.


data Panik etcetera

Do Yourself In

May 20, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

When is a Bis album not really a Bis album? When it's actually a Data Panik album. The Glasgow trio's fourth LP since unleashing their maniacal indie-electro-pop on the world in the mid '90s, data Panik etcetera is a re-styling of material made during a lengthy career pitstop (during which they briefly went under the name Data Panik). More