Nov 27, 2013 Music Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

Fellow Travelers is perhaps more interesting as a concept than as a record. Its premise is pretty damn neat: Shearwater recorded covers of songs by bands they'd toured with in the past, while collaborating in the studio with members of some of those bands. More

The Punk Singer

Studio: IFC Films
Directed by Sini Anderson

Nov 27, 2013 Cinema Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

Sini Anderson’s fascinating feature-length doc paints an extensive portrait of singer, activist, and artist Kathleen Hanna, known for her work in Bikini Kill, The Julie Ruin, and Le Tigre, and as one of the founding figures of the riot grrrl movement. More

Nov 27, 2013 Music Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

Once a bold troubadour of power pop, Brendan Benson has slowly been veering towards the middle of the road for some time now. More

Nov 26, 2013 Live

“If you have a wife, a job, and a car, you don’t have time for Beck” Jonathan Gold told the audience at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Sunday night.  More

Nov 26, 2013 Music Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

Dan Bejar shows a little love for an influence and takes a break from English with a handful of covers, deeming the English language "spent, despicable, not easily singable" and "good for business transactions, but that's about it." More


Studio: Open Road
Directed by Gary Fleder

Nov 26, 2013 Cinema Web Exclusive

With his cover blown and life in danger, DEA Agent Broker (Jason Statham) retreats to the bayous of Louisiana with his young daughter and a fresh identity. More



True Panther

Nov 26, 2013 Music Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

Has dreamy synthpop outstayed its welcome? Four years have passed since chillwave first infected the pixelated pages of blog-land, when the likes of Washed Out, Neon Indian, and Memory Tapes lassoed listeners with their aerated grooves. More

Nov 25, 2013 Music Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

Some bands sweat away in the studio for four years perfecting their high-hat sound. Others take a long rest before reassembling to swiftly bash out an album in somebody's soggy basement. More


Studio: Paramount
Directed by Alexander Payne

Nov 22, 2013 Cinema Web Exclusive

We meet Woody (Bruce Dern) stumbling down a Montana highway. He’s going to Lincoln, Nebraska, where he intends to collect what he believes to be a winning prize on a million-dollar sweepstakes.  More