Studio: Fox Searchlight
Directed by Steve McQueen; Starring: Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan

Dec 02, 2011 Cinema Web Exclusive

In English director Steve McQueen's second feature film, co-written by McQueen and Abi Morgan, Michael Fassbender plays Brandon, a well-to-do New Yorker whose looks, stylish wardrobe, and piercing stare can, we're led to believe, bring pretty women to near ecstasy on the subway. The catch is that Brandon is a sex addict who collects porn and can't maintain relationships with women. More

Dec 02, 2011 Music Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

These days, when critics say a certain band "sorta sounds like The Beach Boys," they usually mean Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips or solo Panda Bear. And while this Danish quartet's psychedelic debut full-length does bear a likeness to those critical heartthrobs, there is a certain Brian Wilson attention to detail throughout these 12 sonic marvels that emphatically separates Treefight for Sunlight from their peers. More

Dec 01, 2011 Live

Oh Morrissey. Has there been an artist since Elvis started swinging his hips that’s been the cause for so much cross-cultural appreciation? More

Dec 01, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

Being students of dance music's rich history is nothing new, but the Australian duo, Canyons, take wistfulness to a new level. They forge their statement on Keep Your Dreams with throbbing, disco basslines, soaring sax-solos, and brittle, excavated synthesizers. More

Nov 30, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

Four guys in Athens, Georgia start a band. They play shows, get signed to a local label, work their way up the college rock ranks, get signed to a major, become rock stars, implode, and (mostly) recover. More

I Hate My Teenage Daughter

(Fox, Wednesdays 9:30/8:30 Central)

Nov 30, 2011 TV

This mid-season sitcom is executive produced by the same individuals who created Seinfeld and Friends, plus it stars Emmy Award winner Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Earl) and Tony Award winner Katie Finneran (Wonderfalls). More

Nov 29, 2011 DVDs Web Exclusive

This twenty-fifth anniversary triple DVD set features two discs of stellar performances from the history of the annual Bridge School benefit concerts, but it is the third disc documentaries and student-artist interviews that truly impress. More

Nov 29, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

The fourth album by Isle of Wight, U.K. natives The Bees (or A Band of Bees as they are known in the U.S.) is a far cry from the band's last album, 2007's Octopus. Gone are upbeat, funky jams such as the slide guitar-augmented "Who Cares What the Question Is?," jazz-inflected fare such as "Left Foot Stepdown," and jaunty numbers such as "Got To Let Go" and "End of the Street." More

Nov 28, 2011 Live

It’s always the lead, and with good reason: Trevor Powers is young. Shockingly young. Barely old enough to buy a drink, not yet old enough to rent a car without significant daily surcharges. On record, he sounds young, his voice untouched by age, seemingly unsoaked by copious amounts of whiskey.  More