Oct 03, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

John Hiatt has made some of his consistently best albums over the past 10 years, and although Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns is something of a mixed bag, songs such as "Damn This Town" and "All the Way Under" make the album a solid addition to his recent catalog.  More

Oct 02, 2011 Live

I’d like to nominate Elbow’s Guy Garvey as the most charming man in rock. Really. How many artists do you honestly believe when they thank you for coming? When they ask an audience how they’re doing? Or call a stadium full of people “friends?” Chalk it up to waiting ten years to release their first record. Chalk it up to his being the kind of personality that thrives in the spotlight. Or…chalk it up to the fact that Elbow happens to be a band of gentlemen in the truest sense of the word. Your choice. More

Voodoo #1


Written by Ron Marz; Art and cover by Sami Basri; Colors by Jessica Kholinne; Cover color by Sunny Gho; Letters by Jared K. Fletcher

Sep 30, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Similar to last week’s controversial titles, Catwoman and Red Hood and the OutlawsVoodoo #1 doesn't soft-pedal its exploration of sexuality.  More

The Savage Hawkman #1


Written by Tony S. Daniel; Art by Philip Tan; Colors by Sunny Gho; Letters by Travis Lanham

Sep 30, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Carter Hall (aka Hawkman) is a DC character that benefits from his relative anonymity.  More

Sep 30, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

At this point, there is no arguing with Miles Davis. One can, however, argue with the legions of posthumous reissues any iconic musician’s material undergoes. Too many times labels simply slap a “re” on the album (reissued/recollected/remastered)—leaving loyal fans to envision the musician peaking down from above, shaking his fist with the indignity of it all. Perhaps that’s why Setlist: The Very Best of Miles Davis Live succeeds with flying colors. More

Sep 29, 2011 Live

A dark night. An empty graveyard. A vampire-like Masonic lodge. Random bursts of smoke on stage. And…Jens Lekman. Very little made sense about the setting for Lekman’s first show in support of newly released EP, An Argument With Myself. But as per usual, that didn’t stop the Swedish troubadour from redefining charming over the course of his fifteen-song set. More

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1


Written by Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone; Art by Yildray Cinar

Sep 29, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Firestorm #1—or, as written on the cover, The Fury of Firestorm, The Nuclear Men #1—resorts to somewhat heavy handed racial and identity politics to make some kind of a point, perhaps to some expense for this rather enjoyable comic with neat sci-fi/super science twists. More

How to Be a Gentleman

CBS, Thursdays, 8:30/7:30 Central

Sep 29, 2011 TV Web Exclusive

While it does my heart good to see the wonderful Dave Foley on a new show—particularly a half-hour sitcom—his presence alone in this one isn't enough to make it a must watch. Good thing, then, that Kevin Dillon (Entourage), Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords), and lead actor David Hornsby are pretty compelling as well. More

Teen Titans #1


Written by Scott Lobdell; Pencils by Brett Booth; Inks by Norm Rapmund; Colors by Andrew Dalhouse; Letters by Carlos M. Mangual; Cover by Booth, Rapmund, & Dalhouse

Sep 29, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The past few runs of Teen Titans were either boring, gimmicky, or filled with sub-standard writing and art. Writer Scott Lobdell (SuperboyRed Hood and the Outlaws) and artist Brett Booth (Justice League of America) seem to understand this team of teenage super-heroes on a deeper level.   More