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Sep 28, 2011 TV Web Exclusive

It doesn't take more than two seconds to piece together the two worlds that inspire Suburgatory. Within the first minute of the pilot, a resentful teen stomps into a suburban beauty-queen-infested town where it's hard to decide which is more well-manicured: the housewives' expansive front lawns or their daughters' hands. More

Supergirl #1


Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson; art by Mahmud Asrar

Sep 28, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Writer Jeph Loeb and artist Michael Turner already nicely reintroduced Supergirl into the DC Universe back in 2004 in Superman/Batman #8. That really wasn't that long ago, so it's curious that with the New 52, Supergirl is one of the characters they've decided to start from scratch with again. More

The Stepkids

The Stepkids

Stones Throw

Sep 28, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

"You're shockin' and jivin' me, baby!" So goes an interrupting lover-man voice on "Brain Ninja," the most over-the-top funkadelic storm on The Stepkids' self-titled debut. It's cringe-inducing and completely stupid to read on paper, but as the line percolates in a stew of '70s-styled, midnight psych-soul, it sounds somehow... groovy. More

Catwoman #1


Written by Judd Winick; art and cover by Guillem March

Sep 27, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Catwoman #1 gets the series off to a solid start, mainly due to the dynamic art by Guillem March, rather than the breezy and not overly complex story by Judd Winick. More

Birds of Prey #1


Written by Duane Swierczynski; Art by Jesus Saiz

Sep 27, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

While this book may not be as technically proficient as, say, the very good Wonder Woman #1, there is a lot to like in Birds of Prey #1.  More

Sep 27, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

2011 has been quite the year for Ladytron. In March, the British foursome put out their 10-year greatest hits collection, Best of Ladytron: 00-10, and now they're releasing their fifth album, the band's most grandiose and formal album yet. More

Batman #1


Written by Scott Snyder; Art by Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion; Colors by FCO Plascencia; Cover by Greg Capullo; Variant cover by Ethan Van Sciver

Sep 27, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Batman #1 comfortably sits alongside the relaunches Action ComicsAnimal ManBatwoman, Justice LeagueSwamp Thing, and Wonder Woman. It's one of the best examples that DC's New 52 relaunch is an out-and-out success.  More

Captain Atom #1


Written by J.T. Krul; Art by Freddy Williams II

Sep 26, 2011 Comic Books Web Exclusive

As much as I was rather pleased to find that Kyle Higgins' Nightwing #1 was far better than his Deathstroke relaunch, I was pleasantly surprised with J.T. Krul's Captain Atom #1 in the face of his rather lackluster Green Arrow #1 from a few weeks ago.

Terra Nova

Fox, Mondays 8/7 Central

Sep 26, 2011 TV Web Exclusive

To escape a dystopian future, the Shannon family volunteers to be sent 85 million years into the past to join a settlement of humans on Mesozoic Earth. Terra Nova is one of the most visually arresting shows in television history, from its lush Australian sets to the believable prehistoric creatures that terrorize the settlers. More