Nov 17, 2011 Music Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

Los Campesinos!’ fourth album begins with “By Your Hand,” a perfect example of everything for which the Welsh five-piece has made its name—jaunty instrumentation, multi-voiced melodies, and witty lyrics (the chorus completes the title phrase “By Your Hand” with “is the only end I foresee,” a choice double meaning for the dichotomy of a complicated relationship). More

Nov 16, 2011 Music Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

Daniel Lopatin, the man behind Oneohtrix Point Never, exhibits a restless, prolific nature that extends not just to the frequency of his releases but also to the number of projects he takes on. More

David Lynch

Crazy Clown Time

Sunday Best Recordings/[PIAS] America

Nov 15, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

Filmmaker, photographer, author, and painter David Lynch takes on another of the nine muses with his first solo full-length recording, Crazy Clown Time. More


Studio: XL

Nov 14, 2011 DVDs Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

In a scene just before the opening credits of INNISigur Rós sits in a radio station, baffled at how to answer their well-meaning interviewer’s question about the evolution of their sound.  More

Nov 14, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

Over the course of nearly four decades, Tom Waits has assumed the roles of a rogues’ gallery’s worth of seedy vagabonds, from big top barker to Burroughs-ian busker, beleaguered bluesman to Bukowski-an boozer.  More


Studio: Magnolia Pictures

Nov 11, 2011 Cinema Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

Coming off the unfairly maligned and deeply polarizing Antichrist, director Lars von Trier's Melancholia returns to the plot devices of his earlier classicsmost notably the notion that women are in complete control, even in martyrdom, and men are largely craven dolts. More

Nov 11, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

Florence Welch and her machine are here to take you to church with Ceremonials, the bombastic and bruising second album from the flame-haired British singer and her band. And you should get in the car, because with a record this epic, it's not like you have a choice: Ceremonials is like a musical Category 5 hurricane tearing through a bat mitzvah. More

Nov 11, 2011 Live

My first experience with M83 was some six years ago in a coffee shop at USC. He was busy pushing buttons, and refusing to stand on ceremony by actually acknowledging his audience. I was a student with a budding musical curiosity and a complete lack of earplugs.  More

Nov 10, 2011 Music Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

Round 1: In one corner the younger Gallagher brother, Liam, and his Beady Eye album, Different Gear, Still Speeding. In the other corner, the elder, Noel, weighing in as the primary songwriter for Britpop icons Oasis, and the long-awaited release of his solo debut, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. More