Nov 21, 2013 Music Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

Edinburgh four-piece The Spook School take their name from a group of Scottish artists whose work was ridiculed for being too dark and gothic. More

An Adventure in Space and Time

BBC America, Friday 9/8 Central

Nov 20, 2013 TV Web Exclusive

An Adventure in Space and Time is a surprisingly moving docudrama that recounts the creation of the iconic British television series Doctor Who. Commissioned in honor of the show's 50th anniversary, which is this Saturday, the 90-minute drama centers on the producers, writers, directors, and actors behind the birth of one of the most beloved science fiction shows ever. More

Nov 20, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

It's questionable whether or not there has ever been an album released so apropos of a band's name than this. Mid-tempo, middle of the road, and indeed middling, Antiphon nonetheless sounds aquatic and crystalline. Reverb ripples from the shimmering guitars and the percussion splashes pleasantly, but the album never manages to enchant in the manner of the previous album, 2010's folky, psychedelic The Courage of Others. More

Nov 20, 2013 Music Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

San Fermin is the brainbaby of Brooklyn composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone, who wrote this ambitious debut record while holed up for six weeks in a studio in a Canadian mountain range. More

Nils Frahm


Erased Tapes

Nov 19, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Nils Frahm's approach to making music has developed in line with his attitude to the performance environment, and the German composer's audience remains an integral part of his first live album. More

Nov 19, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

It looks like Breathe Owl Breathe have finally decided to grow up. Here, on album number six, the Michigan-based trio have replaced the idiosyncrasies of past records with a tonal consistency that runs throughout these 10 folk-pop strains. More

Nov 18, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Cupid Deluxe finds singer/songwriter/producer Dev Hynes back under the name Blood Orange, following his 2011 debut with this moniker, Coastal Grooves, and two albums as Lightspeed Champion. As Hynes has crossed professional paths for recordings over the past few years with The Chemical Brothers, Florence and the Machine, and Solange Knowles, to name a few, it's almost surprising that there's been time for his own material. More

Nov 18, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Carey Mercer and (revolving) crew return with a self-released batch of tunes. First things first: Mercer was diagnosed with throat cancer just after receiving the final mixes, and frankly it's tough to put that out of your mind while listening. More

Almost Human

FOX, Mondays 8/7 Central

Nov 15, 2013 TV Web Exclusive

That Almost Human's first episode is so engrossing and fun in its second half is a welcome surprise considering how wooden and banal its first 15 minutes feels. More