Studio: Music Box Films
Directed by Jose Mari Goenaga and Jon GaraƱo

Oct 29, 2015 Cinema Web Exclusive

Flowers are at the center of everything in Spain’s submission for the 2016 Academy Awards.  More


Y Dydd Olaf


Oct 29, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

This ain't your Granddaddy's dystopia. The overt dread and gloominess of the apocalypse have become all too frequent, but the hallmarks of the popular sci-fi genre are all but absent on Welsh songstress Gwenno's debut LP Y Dydd Olaf. More

The Armor of Light

Studio: Fork Films
Directed by Abigail Disney

Oct 28, 2015 Cinema Web Exclusive

The Armor of Light has enough nuances to warrant a full fledged mini-series, let alone a documentary. More

The Phantom of the Opera

Studio: Kino Lorber

Oct 28, 2015 DVDs Web Exclusive

An early entry in the horror canon of cinema, Phantom is probably best remembered for Lon Chaney’s chilling, self-applied makeup, which holds up well even 90 years later. More

Oct 28, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

As the sole constant member of The Chills, Martin Phillipps spent the 1980s dreaming up some of indie pop's earliest (and greatest) songs. Irrepressible single "Heavenly Pop Hit" spurred a brief commercial peak in the early '90s, which was followed by a couple decades' worth of all too real travails (addiction, illness, endless lineup changes) that contrasted sharply with the whimsical fantasies The Chills created on record.  More

Lauren Groff

Fates and Furies

Published by Riverhead

Oct 27, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

Lauren Groff's third novel, Fates and Furies, examines marriage and companionship through two lenses, juxtaposed in two separate sections of her book.   More

Oct 27, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

Richard Hawley has always felt of another time. His first few records traded on this timelessness, using deceptively simple melodies and little adornment to put the true star, his astonishing voice, center stage. As his solo career progressed, Hawley slowly shifted more into the now, expanding and refining his sound.  More

Oct 26, 2015 DVDs Web Exclusive

Unlicensed detective Rafe Guttman (Dennis Miller) is hired by a goody two-shoes blonde to find her missing punker brother (Corey Feldman). More


Studio: Focus Features
Directed by Sarah Gavron

Oct 26, 2015 Cinema Web Exclusive

In 1912 Britain, the suffragettes had a simple goal: the right to vote. More