Sep 04, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

The follow-up to Merriweather Post PavilionCentipede Hz, is something of a visceral, dark yin to Merriweather’s lithe, DayGlo yang, with martial drumming, more conventionally structured melodies, and the feeling that the band had the time of their lives bashing out these tunes in their practice space. More

Sep 03, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

Few artists this year are likely to take the artistic leap that Richard Hawley does with his latest album. Hawley is beloved in his hometown of Sheffield, England for naming albums after actual city locales, and over the past few years his work has been meditative, with strings showing up on songs as often as his acoustic guitar. By comparison, some longtime fans may feel moved to lovingly tag this collection Diving Head First off the Sky's Edge. More

Sep 03, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

All Diplo creations have a lewd undertone to them that, more often than not, comes to the surface disguised as grimy rhymes. On his latest EP, Express Yourself, in typical fashion, the in-demand DJ/producer hosts numerous dirty/likeminded collaborators. More

Aug 31, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Whether singing over schmaltzy disco beats or lovely strings, Jens Lekman could always be counted on for a good time. Few lyricists have his ability to mix drama and humor, and few songwriters could match his way with dynamic song structures. I Know What Love Isn't is a breakup record, and though it still aches with hope, it strips Lekman of his greatest strengths. More

Aug 30, 2012 Live

“Sorry I had to have you seated,” said chamber pop visionary Patrick Wolf to Wednesday night’s packed-out crowd at The Old Vic Theatre in London. “I didn’t want anyone to fall over from boredom.” More

Aug 30, 2012 Books Web Exclusive

In her new memoir, Jessica Dorfman Jones, author of The Art of Cheating, delves further into the subject matter of what was Chapter 5 of her last book, the art of cheating on a significant other.  More

Aug 30, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

There's a unique eeriness about Piano Magic's 11th LP, Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet. Opening with a drone-based sketch that has origins both Medieval and Far Eastern, the collective's sense of innovation is apparent from the very beginning. More

Aug 30, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

The golden, honeyed tones of Cold Specksstage name of Canadian songstress Al Spxare hard to ignore.  More

Matthew Dear


Ghostly International

Aug 29, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Matthew Dear's artistic profile reads like a discarded verse from LCD Soundsystem's "Losing My Edge," with a career that has thus far encompassed glitch, microhouse, Detroit techno, electropop, and tech house; been recorded under such aliases as False, Audion, and Jabberjaw; and influenced by the likes of New York and Berlin, Eno, Adonis, and Talking Heads. He may not have registered in the hipster consciousness to quite the same degree as James Murphy, but over the past nine years and five full-length albums, Dear has quietly gone about proving himself to be one of the most ambitious and serious electronica artists out there. More