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Jun 03, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

The San Diego-formed garage psych duo Crocodiles (Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez) released their simple, scuzzy first album Summer of Hate in early May 2009 when the most credible aesthetic in music was distortion.  More

Testament of Youth

Studio: Sony Pictures Classics
Directed by James Kent

Jun 03, 2015 Cinema Web Exclusive

Based on Vera Brittain’s bestselling memoirs of the First World War, Testament of Youth chronicles the young British writer’s life from 1914 through 1918. More




Jun 02, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

There is something slightly odd about a band's 14th studio album, 38 years on from their debut release, being self-titled. It is almost certainly unintentional, but there's a neatness about the link between that and this, perhaps, being the first time they haven't felt so ahead of the curve More

Hungry Hearts

Studio: Sundance Selects
Directed by Saverio Costanzo

Jun 02, 2015 Cinema Web Exclusive

Midway in, Hungry Hearts transforms from a lyrical romance into a frustrating stab at psychological thriller. More

Jun 01, 2015 Live

It would be more accurate if NYC Pop Fest were called NYC Guitar Pop Fest but that would be kind of dry and tedious and wouldn't suit the four day celebration at all. More

Jun 01, 2015 DVDs Web Exclusive

Magician charts Orson Welles’ rise from theatre’s enfant terrible to cinema’s wunderkind following his debut feature, Citizen Kane. More

Jun 01, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

In a few weeks, the Grateful Dead will cap a 50-year anniversary with five concerts, split between California and Chicago. In Deal, founding drummer Bill Kreutzmann details the long strange trip that began in 1965. More

Jun 01, 2015 Music Issue #53 - April/May 2015 - Tame Impala

There's nothing the Brits like more than hyping one of their own. It's a trait that explains why so few U.K. bands make it past album number two-by the time they've delivered a follow up, fickle tastemakers have already moved on to the latest hot piece of stuff. And then nobody listens. More

Forbidden Empire

Studio: eOne
Directed by Oleg Stepchenko

Jun 01, 2015 Cinema Web Exclusive

Jonathan Green is an enlightenment era scientist and explorer out for adventure, when he stumbles upon a Ukrainian village plagued by witches and demons. More