Jul 24, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

Zach Burba leads a team of Seattle indie stars (plus an assortment of horn players and backup singers) through a sunny mash-up of pop's last five decades. More

Jul 23, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

Read the definitive account of the first two Isle of Wight Festivals, written by one of the festival’s organizers.


Jul 23, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

How we all love a surprise. Especially when the surprise arrives as the happy continuation of Wilco's remarkable run of albums which now stretches back over 20 years (and even further if we consider Jeff Tweedy's earlier Uncle Tupelo output).  More

Miracle Mile

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Jul 23, 2015 DVDs Web Exclusive

Watching Miracle Mile in its new Blu-ray edition from Kino Lorber Studio Classics, it feels like an unearthed masterpiece. More

Jul 23, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

After a 25-year gap since 1990's A Gilded EternityArray 1 is but the first of three releases planned by the U.K. band Loop over the next year.  More


Studio: The Film Arcade
Directed by Kris Swanberg

Jul 23, 2015 Cinema Web Exclusive

Unexpected tells the story of Samantha Abbott (Cobie Smulders), a Chicago inner-city science teacher whose unplanned pregnancy occurs concurrently with that of her star pupil, Jasmine (Gail Bean). More

Jul 23, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is, arguably, more popular outside of its native U.S. The trio is known for capturing the dedication of its European fans live on DVD/CD combos, first with sold-out shows in Berlin, Dublin, and Glasgow in 2007, then in London in 2011, and now in Paris.  More

Jul 22, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

This Finnish-born, Berlin-based musician claims to have self-titled his first full-length so that people will learn how to properly spell his name. More

Jul 22, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

The musical snob in all of us really wants to reject Diplo's third Major Lazer album, Peace Is the Mission, as obvious, party fodder that panders to the lowest common denominator.  More