The Seer

Young God

Aug 23, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Having (temporarily?) retired his Angels of Light band alias and its bleak balladeer mode, Michael Gira is now two albums deep into the bleaker misanthropy of his seminal Swans project. More

Aug 23, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

White Arrows' debut full-length, Dry Land Is Not a Myth, takes cues from both dance floors and drum circles. Aided by RAC's production (Penguin Prison), the Los Angeles-based five-piece's rock palette is all about shifting filters of psychedelic sounds. The quintet hits pop and calypso flavors along the way, finding itself slotted alongside Vampire Weekend and Animal Collective. More

Aug 22, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Ben Chasny vehicle Six Organs of Admittance has been tagged "new folk," and the acoustic elements, gentle drones, and low-key vocals of 2011's Asleep on the Floodplain amply supported that description. Those anticipating the release of Ascent based on Chasny's approach with Floodplain, depending on their tastes, may come to see his last album as jarring misdirection or the new one as a wickedly welcome change of pace. More

Anna & Froga: Want a Gumball?

Drawn & Quarterly

Anouk Ricard

Aug 22, 2012 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Anna & Froga: Want a Gumball? is so damned delightful that a review can hardly do it justice. It's perfect for kids, but the cartooning chops and clever humor should please anybody. Anybody. More

Aug 22, 2012 Video Games Web Exclusive

This is the stark and violently beautiful tone struck time and again during Vigil Games and THQ's Darksiders II. The fall's first major sequel finally ends the gaming drought that gamers experience every summer. More

Aug 22, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

That Sex Pistols reunion a few years back must have whetted John Lydon's appetite for some reformation benefits. Lucky for him, he's got another band he can reunite with: Public Image Ltd-even if he's not using any of the original members.  More

Bloc Party



Aug 21, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

The band that gave us the golden post-alterna gems Silent Alarm (2005) and A Weekend in the City (2007) returns after four years with their fourth album casually named Four, and if the title seems like easy street, its 12 tracks follow suit with the nonchalance. Opener "So He Begins to Lie" kicks off with a false start in one of those recording bloopers bands often save for personality interims, and the album is never able to build its momentum as it gets jostled between a fight over noise rock and soft sleeper cells. More

Aug 20, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Now that Ween has officially (finally?) ceded the throne of comedy rock, maybe it's time we give Ariel Marcus Rosenberg, better known as Ariel Pink, his rightful crown. Back in the early aughts, with the brothers Ween already selling out huge shows, Ariel Pink was crafting the lo-est of lo-fi pop experiments, each of them revealing both an encyclopedic knowledge of music and songcraft-with a particular fetish for '70s and'80s radio hits-and an off-kilter sense of humor on par with that of Ween, Zappa, et al, or his own oft-cited influence, R. Stevie Moore. More


Fragrant World

Secretly Canadian

Aug 17, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Yeasayer's third and arguably best LP Fragrant World kicks off with "Fingers Never Bleed." The diatribe on the money-mongering and unrepentant greed fueled by manipulating numbers and bilking proletariats out of their pensions by hedge fund managers and Wall Street mavens sets the tone for the rest of this magnificent record. More