Do No Harm

(NBC, Thursdays 10/9 Central)

Jan 29, 2013 TV Web Exclusive

Do No Harm is not your garden-variety hospital procedural. It is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde set in a hospital. Steven Pasquale plays both Dr. Jason Cole who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and Ian Price, Dr. Cole's alter ego. More

The Joy Formidable

Wolf’s Law


Jan 29, 2013 Music Issue #44 - Best of 2012 - Grimes

With its 2011 debut, The Big RoarThe Joy Formidable helped to usher in a new wave of '90s nostalgia, with grungy guitars galore and alterna-happy songwriting that very often seemed to favor general sonic assault over pure song craft. The sound was hauntingly familiar, almost too much so, like The Smashing Pumpkins heard for the hundredth time on alternative radio, yet it also managed to bring back those halcyon years when heavy-guitar bombast was all the rage. More



Thrill Jockey

Jan 28, 2013 Music Issue #44 - Best of 2012 - Grimes

There's something rugged about Centralia, the latest release from Mountains, the duo of Koen Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg. Despite the elegant synthesis of electronic and acoustic sound that permeates these six ambient tracks, it's a feeling of awe that strikes most persistently when listening-this music isn't unlike the sort of expansive sonic vistas one might associate with the likes of Stars of the Lid or Hammock. More

Tegan and Sara


Warner Bros.

Jan 25, 2013 Music Issue #44 - Best of 2012 - Grimes

When Tegan Quin spoke to Under the Radar about this then-untitled record in early 2012, she expressed feelings that it could be a door-opening album for the band. "I feel like we've hit on something that's going to allow people to connect to it and get into it," she said. "Just like Ace of Base." More

Jan 24, 2013 Comic Books Issue #44 - Best of 2012 - Grimes

Rather than distancing Wonder Woman from her origins in Greek mythology, volume two of the collection continues to further enmesh the character in the machinations of her devilishly godly siblings and aunts and uncles.  More

Jan 24, 2013 Music Issue #44 - Best of 2012 - Grimes

Anything in Return is a self-assured, adult album. Full of determined beats, it's worlds away from our first introduction to Toro Y Moi, 2010's chillwave hallmark-heavy Causers of This, and a quantifiably large step up from early works comp June 2009. The shift is not a surprise. More

Compliance DVD/Blu-ray

Studio: Magnolia

Jan 23, 2013 DVDs Web Exclusive

One of the most buzzed about indie films of 2012 was Compliance, Craig Zobel's searing portrait of social hierarchies and gender roles set within a fictitious Ohio fast food restaurant. More


Oak Island

Secretly Canadian

Jan 23, 2013 Music Issue #44 - Best of 2012 - Grimes

Dave Hartley may be better known in his role as the bassist for The War on Drugs, but Nightlands is his baby. It's a meticulously-rendered solo project; his 2010 debut, Forget the Mantra, experimented with a mix of found audio and home recordings to create its unique musical patchwork. On Oak Island, Hartley moves away from sonic collage and into Eno-esque studio exploration.  More

Jan 22, 2013 Music Issue #44 - Best of 2012 - Grimes

Esben and the Witch's goth rock billing seemed a bit ill-fitting; their debut had the gloomy atmosphere down pat, but it lacked the pomp and theatricality inherent in so much of the genre's best. Its songs meandered on for too long; elements that should have conveyed suffering only came off as sulking. There was a sense that the band knew what it wanted, but wasn't exactly sure how to achieve it. Wash the Sins Not Only the Face sees this U.K. trio mature and finally deliver on so much of the promise they showed early on. More