Aug 09, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

The debut album from this Asheville, NC resident is full of humid, hypnotic, acoustic guitar-driven Southern-style psychedelia. It owes nearly everything to the early Elephant 6 bands and Bradford Cox's Atlas Sound, but manages to push the genre a step forward.  More

Jug Face

Studio: Modernciné
Directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle

Aug 08, 2013 Cinema Web Exclusive

Jug Face is part supernatural horror and part nutso cult escape flick, but it never fully commits to either.   More


Hobo Rocket


Aug 08, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Pond's Hobo Rocket is an exercise in organized chaos. When the band organizes its classic rock tendencies, hammering down power chords and feeding a hunger for severe fuzzy guitar freakouts, it makes for a perfect storm. Here, the '70s merge with today, creating timeless songs that get inside your head. More


BBC America, Wednesdays 10/9 Central

Aug 07, 2013 TV Web Exclusive

There are a lot of reasons Broadchurch shouldn't be so enjoyable. Its premise is as dated as television itself—a mysterious murder in a quiet village where anyone can be the suspect—and it takes one of the U.K.'s most well-known and beloved international TV stars, David Tennant (Doctor Who), and makes him as drab and unlikeable as he could be. Yet, despite the blasé ingredients, Broadchurch is a remarkably impressive and moving series. More

Aug 07, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Returning in exuberant form with their first original material for almost six years, Yes, It's True sees Tim Delaughter's expansive Dallas pop collective attempt to take in a broader sonic scope. More



Best Fit

Aug 06, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Despite their Scandinavian roots, hotly tipped trio Postiljonen aren't exactly what you'd call a winter band. The airy soundscapes and melting synth lines of the trio's debut long-player swoon to the romantic, carefree chords of a late summer evening that stretches on until dawn.  More

Aug 05, 2013 Live

The final day of a three-day music festival is usually a bitter-sweet affair. While there's a part of you doesn't want the incredible performances and time-out-of-time experience to end and real life to take over again, another part of you is utterly relieved not to have to trek for miles across muddy fields, eat overpriced festival food and stand in long lines for porta potties. More


To the Happy Few

Captured Tracks

Aug 05, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Everything that made admirers fall in love with the shoegaze genre the first time around (and has made them giddy with its recent revival) is exploited on Medicine's latest outing. More