John Maus

Screen Memories

Ribbon Music

Oct 26, 2017 Music Issue #62 - Julien Baker

If the test of time is the only true measure of an album's worth then John Maus's We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves is close to being a classic. In the six years that have passed since it was met with unanimous acclaim, the record's synthesized enclaves feel as alive and energized as they did in 2011. More

Blood Feast

Studio: Arrow Video

Oct 26, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

In the hall of bad taste, few names are uttered with the same hushed reverence as Herschell Gordon Lewis. More

Bill Nye: Science Guy

Studio: PBS Distribution
Directed by David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg

Oct 26, 2017 Cinema Web Exclusive

Bill Nye: Science Guy looks at the man behind the bowtie and the beloved children’s science show. More

Oct 25, 2017 Books Web Exclusive

As comprehensive a history of Full Moon Entertainment as one could ever imagine being assembled. More

Oct 25, 2017 Music Issue #62 - Julien Baker

"Is that what you want? For me to be miserable like you?," Julien Baker sings accusingly on "Even." Unlike the morose and heartfelt debut Sprained Ankle, Baker's follow-up album treads the line of hard resolve, outwardly and internally, more than compromising sadness.  More

Oct 25, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

Ernie Kovacs is a legend among classic television and comedy nerds. More

Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!

Studio: Cleopatra Entertainment
Directed by Jared Cohn

Oct 25, 2017 Cinema Web Exclusive

Unfortunately, those looking for a a good time will be extremely disappointed with the embarrassing Halloween Pussytrap Kill! Kill! More

Baking with Kafka

Drawn & Quarterly

Oct 24, 2017 Comic Books Issue #62 - Julien Baker

A compilation of strips that appeared in the GuardianBaking with Kafka presents Scottish cartoonist Tom Gauld at his hilarious best. Many of the strips find their subjects in the areas of writing and literary pursuits, which Gauld reveals to be rich sources.  More


Endless Revisions

Lumière Noire

Oct 24, 2017 Music Issue #62 - Julien Baker

One would be forgiven for hearing icy detachment in a cursory audition of Chloé's new record, her first in seven years, but upon closer inspection, there's actually a vulnerable, meditative tenderness to Endless RevisionsMore