Sep 02, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

James Yorkston appears to be growing old gracefully. While many a middle-aged man spends his days desperately clinging to an ever-evaporating youth, the unassuming Scottish songwriter is moving through the decades with dignity. More

Sep 02, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

For a band hailing from South London, Happyness' debut Weird Little Birthday is the sort of music perfect for hazy, morning-after walks down sun-drenched American streets. More

Patema Inverted

Studio: GKIDS
Directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Sep 02, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

The two civilizations in Patema Inverted are connected top-to-bottom, operating on polar opposite gravities. Neither world is aware of one another, until Patema, the young princess of the underground city, accidentally “falls” into the opposing world. More

Sep 01, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Kevin Martin finally follows up 2008's apocalyptic London Zoo with more thumping end-times fare. More


Hard Believer


Sep 01, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

For Hard Believer, Fink's sixth album proper, he turns to live + electronics expert producer Billy Bush (Garbage, Beck, Foster the People) to bring dimension to his minimalist, sometimes predictable sound. More


Sky Swimming

Memphis Industries

Sep 01, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Don't let that ethereal organ at the beginning of "Assembly" fool you. Elephant isn't Beach House even though it sometimes seems like they may want to be. More

Sep 01, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Movement's self-titled EP is an affair with darkness which brings little of note to light. More

Aug 29, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Here's J Mascis with another batch of understated and partly unplugged tunes for Sub Pop. Mascis surprised everyone with the intimacy of 2011's Several Shades of WhyMore

Last Weekend

Studio: Sundance Selects
Directed by Tom Dolby and Tom Williams

Aug 29, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Last Weekend follows very closely in the footsteps of other family dramedies, in which various family members who are not compatible with one another are squeezed together in literal and metaphorical claustrophobia. More