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Mar 25, 2014 Live

It's been a pretty great month for Future Islands. It started with a now-viral performance on Letterman, followed by a buzz-worthy string of shows at SXSW (including our own showcase), and now they're kicking off their cross-country tour to support their latest album, Singles, which dropped this week. More

Mar 25, 2014 Comic Books Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Prepare to be hurled deep into the past century to a vividly entrancing, pre-CG place of whimsy and wonder. For a few decades, the pencils and brushes of cartoonist/illustrator George Carlson seemed to have touched every area of print medium, from children's publications and comics to commercial design and classic books. More


Studio: Summit Entertainment
Directed by Neil Burger

Mar 25, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Divergent takes its time in setting up the story and – frankly – future installments in the series. More

The Hold Steady

Teeth Dreams

Washington Square

Mar 25, 2014 Music Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

NPR once referred to The Hold Steady as "America's bar band." Insofar as bar bands owe a debt to Thin Lizzy, the description was apt, but beyond that, it did a disservice to Craig Finn's word-drunk lyrics and the band's Springsteen-by-way-of-ZZ-Top thump. It's easy to see why The Hold Steady might have chafed under the label. More

The Face of Love

Studio: IFC Films
Directed by Arie Posin

Mar 24, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Five years ago, Nikki (Annette Bening) lost her husband to a drowning accident while on vacation, and she lives in a state of perpetual mourning, unable to recover from his untimely death. More




Mar 24, 2014 Music Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

God bless Liars. While virtually everyone in the avant rock class of the Aughts (that loosely started with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and ended with HEALTH) either cleaned up their acts and graduated or just dropped out, Liars are streaking the graduation ceremony with booze on their breaths and middle fingers in the air. And yet the kind of envelope-pushing on Mess is nothing if not mature, simultaneously punk as fuck and utterly refined. More

Mar 21, 2014 Music Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Singles is the kind of step forward a psychedelic indie band could take to bring itself into a bigger spotlight. Future Islands deserves that kind of attention, and though it's understandable that Samuel Herring's dramatic growl might not be for everyone, the first line of this album might just change minds. More

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

Studio: Magnolia
Directed by Lars von Trier

Mar 21, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Who better than famed provocateur Lars von Trier to present a 4+ hour, sexually graphic, thematically dense epic film about the life of a female nymphomaniac? More



Bella Union

Mar 20, 2014 Music Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Few bands have put out albums in the past year that have shimmered quite so much as Lanterns on the Lake's utterly sublime Until the Colours Run. In terms of shimmer it was close to Radiohead's level; a band who themselves are arguably only out-shimmered by, say, Cocteau Twins. Snowbird is a supergroup: one that comprises members of Lanterns on the Lake, Midlake, Radiohead, and Cocteau Twins. More