Apr 08, 2010 Music Issue #30 - Winter 2010 - Vampire Weekend

Over half a decade has lapsed since Lali Puna graced us with their last releases, including 2004's breakthrough LPFaking the Books and the 2005 rarities collection I Thought I Was Over That, and laptop pop hasn't been the same. More

Apr 06, 2010 Music Issue #30 - Winter 2010 - Vampire Weekend

High Places gained prominence in the Brooklyn DIY loft show scene thanks in large part to their incendiary live performances, and a charismatic frontwoman in Mary Pearson. More

Apr 05, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

The checkered past of Monster Movie could naturally lead one to figure that their latest album, Everyone Is a Ghost, was a weekend-project lark. For their first release in five years, it happens that the duo has produced a pop collection that's engaging enough to tick off those who sweat with greater regularity over their craft. More

The Book of Grickle

Dark Horse

Apr 02, 2010 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The Book of Grickle is a collection of comic stories from Graham Annable, who has a background in animation for TV, video games, and film (including working as a storyboard artist on Coraline). More

Apr 01, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

It's supremely odd to hear movie stars singing their own soundtrack material, especially since the characters they're playing are actual musicians. The main attraction to the soundtrack from the Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning portrayal of '70s all-girl rock band, The Runaways, is not the period punk music included (fine tracks by David Bowie, MC5, The Stooges, and Sex Pistols). It's the fact that Fanning and Stewart actually sing four of The Runaways tunes on the soundtrack. More

Essra Mohawk

Essra Mohawk (Reissue)

Collector’s Choice

Apr 01, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

With her 1974 self-titled album, Essra Mohawk was recording with her third label in five years (Asylum) and hoping to see a change in fortunes and a bit of recognition. More

Apr 01, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Had a few key elements of Essra Mohawk's career worked out only a bit differently, her footprint on '70s music might have gone a bit deeper. Her 1969 debut album, Sandy's Album Is Here At Last! (under the name Sandy Hurvitz), was hindered by botched production. Later that year she arrived too late at the heliport to be transported in time for her scheduled performance at the Woodstock festival. More

Apr 01, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Kicking off a career with a sabotaged debut album would most likely be the professional undoing of most artists. Sandy Hurvitz, better known today as Essra Mohawk, obviously subscribed to the "That which does not kill me..." dictum as she began her ill-fated life in music. More

The Creeper By Steve Ditko


Written by Steve Ditko, Don Segall, Dennis O'Neil and Michael Fleisher; Art by Steve Ditko, Jack Sparling, and others

Apr 01, 2010 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The Creeper is an insane character to draw. He contains the fluidity of Ditko's most famous creation, Spider-Man, The Joker's manacial glee, and a Clark Kent-like day job. More