DC Universe Legacies (Issue #1)


(Written by Lein Wein; art by Andy Kubert, Joe Kubert, J.G. Jones, and Scott Kolins)

May 24, 2010 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Issue one of DC Universe Legacies, the first in a 10-issue limited series that's a purported trip through DCU history, shows that a veteran like Len Wein still has the "write stuff." More

May 22, 2010 Video Games Web Exclusive

The Iron Man 2 video game had a really good chance at being better than the film of the same name. Unfortunately, the developers did not hold to their promise to make this game better than the lackluster video game tie-in from the last movie. It doesn't hurt as badly this time since the new movie isn't nearly as good as the original one in the first place. More

Harry Brown

Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Directed by Daniel Barber; Starring: Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer

May 22, 2010 Cinema Web Exclusive

Harry Brown (Michael Caine) is an ex-Royal Marine octogenarian living in "the estates" of South London, where the local youths' idea of a fun time is smoking crack and dropping bags of flaming dog crap through people's letterboxes. After a feeble attempt at self-defense ends the life of his only friend, Brown decides to take matters into his own hands. More

May 22, 2010 Live Web Exclusive

Although Broken Bells' Wednesday night performance at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood was only the second show of its first tour, the sold-out concert was the band's third headlining club gig in Los Angeles since February. More

Madman Atomic Comics Volume 3: Electric Allegories


(Writer/Illustrator: Michael Allred; Color artist: Laura Allred)

May 21, 2010 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Madman Atomic Comics Volume 3 collects Madman Atomic Comics issues 14-17, plus plenty of guest pin-ups and a bonus section with a closer look at the art, with some notes and other back matter. More

May 21, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Over the course of 15 years, Harvey Milk have evolved from their sludge-metal roots like a slowly unfurling, colossal middle finger. While there will always be those who consider 1995’s full-length, Courtesy and Good Will Towards Men, the band’s finest, the albums since the group reformed (after eight years off) in 2006 have witnessed a mastery of their particular thing—the plodding chromatics, fuzzed-out leads, airplane hangar rhythm section, hyper-melodic passages, and frontman Creston Spiers’ unmistakable vocal delivery—a tortured, harmonic growl that keeps getting better with age. More

May 20, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Green Cosmos, Deerhoof’s 2005 EP, was a wildly varied record that featured Satomi Mastuzaki singing exclusively in her native Japanese. For a new edition released by Kill Rock Stars for this year’s Record Store Day, the original fifteen-minute sequence is bolstered by an additional eight minutes of live/demo bonus tracks, all on green vinyl with a digital download. More

May 20, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Deerhoof had expanded from a trio to a quartet by the time of the recording of 2003’s Apple O’, and the members gelled for what would become some of their most memorable music to date. With guitarist Chris Cohen joining drummer Greg Saunier, singer/bassist Satomi Matsuzaki and guitarist John Dieterich, the songs evinced a new immediacy, veering from the electronic elements included in the previous year’s Reveille to more of a live-sounding, muscular approach. More

May 19, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

No Singles collects and reissues Brian King (guitar) and David Prowse’s (drums) two early, out-of-print EPs: All Lies (2007) and Lullaby Death Jams (2008). John Golden (Melvins, Nirvana) did an excellent job with the remastering, maintaining the raw energy of a band who is clearly in the midst of figuring out their formula. More