Charlatan Ball


Story by Joe Casey, Art by Andy Suriano

Sep 18, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Charlatan Ball, by Joe Casey and Andy Suriano, might be described as a wonderful mess. It follows the adventures of subpar stage magician Chuck Amok and his rabbit Caesar, who get whisked into an alternate dimension and dropped into a mystic tournament to the death. While the journey turns Caesar into the buffest anthropomorphic rabbit this side of Captain Carrot, Chuck stays precisely the same: powerless, weasel-like, cowardly, and way, way over his head. He wants no part of the action, but gets thrown into it all the same thanks to the machinations of an evil sorcerer, Demon Empty. More

Sep 18, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

In the liner notes to their eponymous debut album, Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero make the point that "A lot of people, when describing our sound, say we play flamenco. We don't. We blend a lot of styles into our playing, but this area of music is not one of them." In the three years since the release of Rodrigo y Gabriela, the Mexican duo has become one of the most exciting live acts on the circuit thanks to fluid, rapid-fire guitar play and stylistic experimentation. More

Sep 17, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

The Soup’s Joel McHale plays Jeff Winger, a lawyer who faked his college degree and now faces disbarment unless he attends community college and earns his diploma. More

Sep 17, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

In 2000, Blur released The Best of Blur, an 18-song set that represented the band's '90s peak, with all the hits included. Midlife, released in conjunction with the band's U.K. reunion concerts, totals 25 tracks and avoids some of the hits that were represented on The Best of Blur ("There's No Other Way," "Country House," "Charmless Man," "End of a Century"). But forgiving these omissions, Midlife is a stellar compilation. Excitingly, 1993's "Popscene" is included, despite its being left off the 2000 comp. More

Sep 17, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

After a hiatus of almost 10 months, the Paddy's Pub crawlers, Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Charlie (Charlie Day), Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson), and Frank (Danny DeVito) return to exploit, harass, scheme, and rile the denizens of Southern Philadelphia. The endlessly quotable, It's Always Sunny in Philadelpia, may have started out as a low budget sitcom with Seinfeldian itches in the most disgusting places, but the last two seasons of their nobrow antics saw the fivesome tapping into a comedic wellspring. More

Sep 17, 2009 Live

“We’re super guys,” said Modest Mouse lead singer Isaac Brock. “…All I’m saying is, while you were here wasting your time, we lowered gas prices to five cents a gallon for 20 minutes…but you were here.” After a Close Encounters of the Third Kind introduction—complete with flashing lights—and riotous opener “Invisible,” I was ready to believe just about anything. Anything. More

Sep 17, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

Two Robert Glaspers come to groove. The first is immaculately attired, metropolitan to the shine on his shoes, and primped to perfection. The other is more at ease in casual vines, a myriad clash of styles that creates its own comfortable fashion. That both Robert Glaspers are at the top of their game is a boon for those of us who dig him in every guise. More

Batman: The Widening Gyre (Issue 1)


Written by Kevin Smith; Art by Walter Flanagan and Art Thibert; Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Sep 17, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Kevin Smith (yes, that Kevin Smith) is at it again, writing comic books. We've seen his well-received takes on Daredevil and Green Arrow and the somewhat mixed reactions to the recently collected Batman: Cacophony, with Walter Flanagan on the art chores. Smith and Flanagan have reunited for Batman: The Widening Gyre, a six-issue limited series that just kicked off. More

Sep 16, 2009 Books Web Exclusive

Ever have the urge to color birds in Devendra Banhart's beard? Create hairstyles for the members of Rilo Kiley? Illustrate alternate cover art for The Dears' Missiles? Well, now you can. The Indie Rock Coloring Book is a whimsically interactive way to experience your favorite indie rock artists, compiled by the Montréal-based nonprofit organization Yellow Bird Project. More