Apr 10, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

Patrick Creadon’s I.O.U.S.A. couldn’t have come at a better time. As President Obama and his administration have a great deal of work to do, perhaps the biggest problem they are facing is the United States economy—including our staggering national debt. More

Doubt Blu-ray/DVD

Studio: Miramax

Apr 10, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

Playwright, screenwriter, and director John Patrick Shanley hasn’t directed a film since 1990s underrated Joe Versus the Volcano. Eighteen years later, his film followup is an adaptation of Doubt: A Parable, his 2005 play that won both a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award. More

Apr 10, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

Joel and Ethan Coen had been in a tremendous slump before the release of this 2007 Best Picture Oscar winner. After the limp remake of The Ladykillers and the insufferable Intolerable Cruelty, the Coens finally found the right source material in Cormac McCarthy’s modern genre classic and made arguably their best film since Fargo. More

Dan Deacon



Apr 07, 2009 Music Winter 2009 - Anticipated Albums of 2009

Wham City warrior Dan Deacon comes at us with Bromst, his first full-length since 2007's Spiderman of the Rings and, boy, is it a doozy. This time he loses some of the surgical precision of his earlier work, opting for a more natural approach.  More

Alexander the Last

Studio: IFC Films
Directed by Joe Swanberg; Starring: Jess Weixler, Justin Rice, Barlow Jacobs, Amy Seimetz and Jane Adams

Apr 06, 2009 Cinema Web Exclusive

If you can survive the disconcerting first 11 minutes of Joe Swanberg’s fifth feature, then you’ll be rewarded with an intriguing look at how artists struggle to sustain committed relationships, which are complicated by disciplines that allow performers to share intimate experiences with various collaborators. More

Bart Got a Room

Studio: Anchor Bay Films
Written and directed by Brian Hecker; Starring: Steven Kaplan, Alia Shawkat, Brandon Hardesty, Jennifer Tilly, Cheryl Hines and William H. Macy

Apr 04, 2009 Cinema Web Exclusive

Bart Got a Room, written and directed by Brian Hecker, is a cautionary tale about high expectations. More

Paris 36

Studio: Sony Pictures Classics
Directed by Christophe Barratier; Written by Christophe Barratier, Pierre Philippe, and Julien Rappeneau; Starring: Nora Arnezeder, GĂ©rard Jugnot, Clovis Cornillac, Kad Merad, and Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu.

Apr 03, 2009 Cinema Web Exclusive

Inspired by a set of songs composed by contemporary songwriters Frank Thomas (lyrics) and Reinhardt Wagner (music), Paris 36 is a knowingly old-fashioned French film directed by Christophe Barratier, whose previous effort, The Choir (2004), received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. More

Apr 02, 2009 Live Web Exclusive

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band launched their 2009 world tour at HP Pavilion in San Jose on Wednesday night with a 26-song show that opened thunderously with the 1978 anthem “Badlands” and featured five songs from Springsteen’s much-debated latest album Working on a Dream.


Mar 31, 2009 Live Web Exclusive

Day two of SXSW for us began where day one ended, at the Central Presbyterian Church. The night before we had seen there the appealing trio of Department of Eagles, St. Vincent, and Camera Obscura. This night we also saw three bands at the venue, but only one was great. As we had missed M. Ward the night before at the same venue by not allowing enough time to navigate the long line, we were determined to arrive in plenty of time for Grizzly Bear’s 8:30 P.M. slot at the eMusic showcase. That meant that we had to sit through two other bands we had no interest in seeing, including one we’d never even heard of before. More