Apr 28, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

Along with Motown, Stax Records defined an era of soul music in the '60s and '70s. And from the parents who lived with and loved the sound of Stax came children who would sample and appropriate the breaks into loops that would become the foundation of hip-hop. This compilation collects the original Stax hits that spawned so many hip-hop classics. More

Sit Down, Shut Up

Fox, Sundays, 8:30/7:30 Central

Apr 25, 2009 TV

Fox seems to be attempting to lick Arrested Development fans’ old wounds with the underwhelming Sit Down, Shut Up. The live-action/animation comedy, reshuffled from a hit live-action Australian sitcom, is untidily sandwiched between The Simpsons and Family Guy. More

Apr 25, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Mark Millar is quickly becoming a pop culture institution (if he wasn’t already there). The creator behind such controversial projects as Kick-Ass, Wanted, War Heroes, Marvel’s Civil War, Ultimates, and Superman: Red Son raises some more eyebrows with American Jesus. Chosen was originally published in 2004 by Dark Horse, but this is a new trade paperback collection from Image Comics. Compared to something like Preacher, it’s a fairly tame pre-apocalyptic tale, seen through the eyes of the pubescent Jodie Christianson (the initials are a dead giveaway).


Apr 25, 2009 Books Web Exclusive

Back in 2004, Tom Davis was watching Jeopardy! when the board revealed a curious clue: “He was the comedy partner of Al Franken.” More

Apr 25, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

Ken Stringfellow has already made a name for himself in discerning music circles as half of the songwriting core of Washington power-pop band The Posies. More

Apr 25, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

The latest single from this Australian experimental-pop five-piece may have earned the band its biggest "hit" thus far-top 40 Australian radio play and the band's highest charting US iTunes download being among the accomplishments-but this is certainly no sell-out move. More

Apr 23, 2009 Cinema Web Exclusive

The 13th annual City of Lights, City of Angels (COL•COA) film festival, a weeklong showcase for new French films, is underway in Los Angeles this week. More

Apr 23, 2009 Live Web Exclusive

On day three of Coachella My Bloody Valentine threatened to burst a thousand eardrums. As we entered the festival site around 12:30 PM they were handing out complimentary earplugs in anticipation for the aural attack. Other highlights included a blood-splattered Fucked Up, an energetic Friendly Fires, and the incredibly strange Throbbing Gristle. More

Apr 22, 2009 Music Issue #26 Spring 2009 - Bat For Lashes

Super Furry Animals have been at the forefront of forward-thinking pop music for 15 years, and the band's ninth album shows that they continue to be as committed to their craft as ever. More