Life Unexpected

CW, Mondays 9/8 Central

Jan 17, 2010 TV Web Exclusive

Slogging through the CW's pilots this past summer, the range went from blatantly derivative to gratuitously salacious. And then there was Parental Discretion Advised, now retitled as Life Unexpected. Do not expect another sudsy and scandalous CW staple like Gossip Girl or 90210. But do expect a higher quality program along the lines of Gilmore Girls and Everwood. More

Jan 15, 2010 Live

Dinosaurs are totally rock and roll. Think about it: A group of outsiders appeared—seemingly out of nowhere—made a huge impact on history in a very short period, got wildly mixed reviews (Rock critics: direct descendents of cavemen?), and then vanished. In this context, it makes sense that the Los Angeles Natural History Museum would play host to musical acts during the first Friday of the Month program, kicking off the year with Under the Radar cover artist, Bradford Cox (aka Atlas Sound). More

Jan 14, 2010 Live Web Exclusive

The Wrens are one of those bands that defines cult status. Let's frame it in the context of one of the biggest "cult" acts to ever grace the indie stage, Neutral Milk Hotel. After recording two albums, one a certified classic, the band and its enigmatic frontman Jeff Mangum simply went away, and people have been pining for them ever since. New Jersey's The Wrens have followed a similar musical trajectory in their 20-year history, recording very littlethree albums and a smattering of EPs and 7-inch recordsyet they are critically acclaimed for their work and have developed a quite devoted following, renewed in recent years by the strength of their "comeback" album, 2003's The Meadowlands. More

Jan 14, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Stephen Wilkinson aka Bibio ruled 2009 with three full-length releases. Vignetting the Compost came out in February on Mush and was more of Bibio's Boards of Canada-without-the-beat pastiche that his fans have come to expect. He then put out his Warp Records debut, Ambivalence Avenue, in June, and branched out into more beat-oriented and vocal material to great effect. More




Jan 14, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Portishead's Geoff Barrow joined with fellow Bristol musicians Billy Fuller and Matt Williams in January 2009 to create a disciplined soundscape called Beak>. More

Lady Gaga

The Fame Monster


Jan 13, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Lady Gaga's appearance on Saturday Night Live last year was notable not only for her game-changing piano improvisation during her second performance, which showcased her stunning voice and piano skills, but also for the passing of the pop torch to her from Madonna during a skit. More

Jan 13, 2010 DVDs Web Exclusive

Davis Guggenheim shows his range and follows his Academy Award-winning global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth with a documentary about three famous guitarists from three different generations. Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White are all profiled and speak of their love of the electric guitar and how it has shaped their lives.


Teen Titans: Deathtrap


Written by Sean McKeever and Marv Wolfman; Art by Fernando Dagnino, Joe Bennett, Rick Leonardi; Cover by Andrew Robinson

Jan 12, 2010 Comic Books Web Exclusive

This lame crossover trade paperback collects the Deathtrap storyline, and includes Teen Titans Annual 2009, Titans #12-13, Teen Titans #70 and Vigilante #5-6. Writers Sean McKeever (Gravity, Sentinel, Terror Titans) and Marv Wolfman (Blade, The Tomb of Dracula) do little to rectify the creative funk this once-thriving second-tier series is in at the moment. More


Freedom of Choice

Warner Bros.

Jan 12, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Despite Devo's ubiquitous name-recognition, even most rock nerds would be hard-pressed to conjure up more than the chorus to the band's lone hit, 1980's "Whip It." This infectiously catchy cut from Freedom of Choice, Devo's third album, secured the band's status as a novelty act. More