Nov 19, 2009 Music Issue #28 Fall 2009 - Monsters of Folk

Cold Cave frontman Wesley Eisold exudes a downright clinical detachment in his analysis of relationships throughout his band's debut LP Love Comes Close. It's a compelling push/pull struggle of cerebral analysis versus arm's length emotion, largely devoid of histrionics, yet masterfully articulated by Eisold with sheer poetic clarity that differentiates the act from a litany of '80s electro revivalists. More

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion


Written and drawn by Bill Tucci

Nov 18, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion collects the six-issue mini series of the same name. Both written and drawn by Bill Tucci, it's a story about iconic DC war character, Sgt. Frank Rock of Pittsburgh, Pa., and his men in Easy Company. But it goes far beyond a typical war comic. More


God is Good

Drag City

Nov 18, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

Music and meditation are often in overlap, and countless cultures don't even differentiate between music and religious practice. And bands like Om work to achieve that gray area in more western forms like, say, a rock band. God is Good, the band's new album, is just such an effort. More

Nov 18, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Tonight's final two segments of The Prisoner will provide endpoints for each of the major storylines, give the history and function of the Rovers, as well as reveal the location and true nature of the Village. More

Luna Park


Written by Kevin Baker; Illustrated by Danijel Zezelj

Nov 17, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

It might be appropriate that I had a bit of a fever when I was reading Luna Park, the new hardcover graphic novel from Vertigo/DC written by Kevin Baker and illustrated by Danijel Zezelj.  More

Nov 17, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

At first glance The Strokes and Kiss wouldn't seem to have much in common, but as The Strokes continue to not release Strokes albums and instead put out solo and side projects, they become less and less the sum of their parts—much like that time each KISS member released his own solo record. More

Nov 17, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Things get a whole lot weirder in the second night of The Prisoner as the ruminations on paranoia, betrayal, family, desire, and dreams become both subtler and more jarring. More

Nov 17, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

Kevin Smith. Hockey enthusiast, filmmaker, porn-loving, and father are a few words and phrases that describe him, but "funny" would be what I'd put up top. This is the first box set of Smith's films and it contains three of his best films and extras that showcase his particular comic genius. More

The Aliens



Nov 16, 2009 Music Issue #27 Summer 2009 - Jarvis Cocker

It's always funny reviewing an album after it's already been released in some form. Luna is finally coming out in America, but it was released in the U.K. in September 2008, which means reviews of it are already all over the Internet. One is presented with the challenge of not reading what has been written, lest it taint your own overblown appraisal.  More