The Octopus Project

Golden Beds EP

Peek-A-Boo Industries

Aug 03, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

Austinites The Octopus Project, make sleepy music that slowly creeps into your brain. Where I had initially written them off as another heavy-lidded, instrumental group, the quartet proved me wrong with the shimmering single "Wet Gold" and its enchanting music video. The sea change to more vocal-centric music is proclaimed within the first few seconds of Golden Beds EP. More

Aug 03, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

The Drive-By Truckers live act is not exactly undocumented: Alabama Ass Whuppin' showcased the band in Athens from 2000, and they returned there in 2004 for a concert DVD, Live At the 40 WattLive From Austin TX features both CD and DVD, and finds the Truckers farther west and slightly more laid back—whether because of the setting or the mileage, can't say. The Austin City Limits stage set has a distressing, de-glamorizing effect on anyone who graces it; DBT is no exception. More

Aug 03, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

Boris Skalsky continues to try to go solo, having already once departed from a band (Phaser) to embark on a solo project, only to have that project become another band (Dead Heart Bloom). First Songs is emphatically his own work, written, recorded, and performed by Skalsky, in a fairly unadorned, not to say sleepy, style. Even those with a taste for sad bastard music might think about sending Skalsky some espresso after hearing this one. More

Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves


Written by Kevin Van Hook, Art by Tom Mandrake

Aug 03, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Really? It seems impossible that in more than seven decades of fighting crime, Superman and Batman haven't fought vampires and werewolves. Nobody's written this story yet? Surely this has already been done by now, right? More

Aug 02, 2009 Live Web Exclusive

A report from day two of Comic-Con 2009, including panels on The Prisoner, Darwyn Cooke, 24, Bones, Buck Rogers 80th Anniversary, Dollhouse, and TV Guide Sci-Fi Hot List (featuring Chuck's Zachary Levi, The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, Flash Forward's John Cho, Eastwick's Rebecca Romijn, and V's Scott Wolf). Plus, we attended the Eisner Awards. More


Studio: Focus Features
Directed by Park Chan-wook; Starring: Song Kang-ho, Kim Ok-vin and Shin Ha-kyun

Jul 31, 2009 Cinema Web Exclusive

In the latest opus from South Korea's Park Chan-wook (Oldboy), you'll be exposed to copious amounts of blood, forbidden sexual encounters and murderous appetites, but at the heart of Thirst, you'll find the melodrama of two people caught up in selfless but unfulfilling lives. More

Jul 30, 2009 Music Web Exclusive

There's a natural inclination to hate (500) Days of Summer. It's aimed so squarely at the indie demographic, even starring the current cross-media Queen of Indie, Zooey Deschanel, and including her work (as half of the grammatically frustrating act She & Him) on the soundtrack. And anything that claims to know us thoroughly risks rejection out of hand: we're unknowable, man, we're individuals, you can't just treat us like a demographic. But, well, of course you can. More


Studio: Fox Searchlight
Written and directed by Max Mayer; Starring: Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne and Peter Gallagher

Jul 29, 2009 Cinema Web Exclusive

Hugh Dancy stars as the title character, a young man hampered socially and career-wise by Asperger's and the recent death of his father. Enter Rose Byrne as Beth, the beautiful, serious, and sensitive young woman who moves into Adam's building.  He's obsessed with astronomy, she's a budding children's book author (aren't they all?). More

Jul 29, 2009 Live Web Exclusive

And so it began. After months of build up the San Diego Comic-Con was finally here. Here's a rundown of what we saw on day one of Comic-Con: the Entertainment Weekly: Wonder Women: Female Power Icons in Pop Culture panel, panels on the TV shows Burn Notice and Psych, and the world premiere of the Green Lantern: First Flight direct-to-DVD animated movie. More