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Sunday, July 12th, 2020  

Aug 08, 2010 Live Web Exclusive

Day two I managed to will away my jet lag. Good thingMuchy, Tunng, Hey, Mew and The Radio Dept. demanded my full attention. More

Aug 08, 2010 Live Web Exclusive

Pouring the indie rock on thick, day two of Lollapalooza saw a good chunk of the schedule dominated by all things indie. Here's a recap, including sets by Rogue Wave, Stars, The xx, Grizzly Bear, Metric, Spoon, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Phoenix, and Empire of the Sun. More

Aug 07, 2010 Live Web Exclusive

The opening night’s observation that I was about to slip down the rabbit hole turned out to be apt. After a restless night of sleep (Hello jetlag!), I was bundled into a car and taken deep into a rain covered forest. I’m from Los Angeles. This setting? Well…welcome to Wonderland. Today's residents? Potty Umbrella, Tin Pan Alley, Kim Nowak, Something Like Elvis, The Horrors, Art Brut, Lenny Valentino, and Tindersticks. More

Aug 06, 2010 Music Issue #32 - Summer 2010 - Wasted on the Youth

And the award for strangest album of 2010 so far goes to... Tony Da Gatorra and Gruff Rhys. Long a proponent of experimentation in his pop music, both with Super Furry Animals and in his solo work, Rhys has outdone himself this time, digging up an unknown Brazilian protest singer/instrumentalist, who invented his own instrument, the "gatorra," a combination of bizarre guitar and drum machine. More

Aug 06, 2010 Books Web Exclusive

Pierre Bernard was many things: a yoga enthusiast who introduced the practice to the Western world, an entrepreneur extraordinaire, a healer, a liar, and an avid animal trainer. More

Aug 06, 2010 Live

The Midwest's favorite fest, Lollapalooza, kicked off Friday in Chicago's Grant Park and things really couldn't have been better. Bright blue skies paired with an additional 35 acres of grounds, and show-goers found a little more walking room and an overall 'larger' feel to the 3-day music circus. More

Aug 06, 2010 Live Web Exclusive

Quick: name your 5 favorite Polish bands. Name the top non-Polish bands ruling the charts and hearts of the country. Heck, name anything about their current pop culture scene. If you’re like me, you’re drawing a major blank. Poland is a country of over 38 million. That means somewhere out there, there’s a host of kids, becoming obsessed with their piano lessons, plugging their guitars into worn amps, and shaking garages with their ambitions. It’s also country filled with music fans—thrilling over pop, head banging to hardcore, dancing with reckless abandon. A culture that—until now—I knew nothing about. Then along came an invitation to attend Katowice’s Off Festival. More

Aug 04, 2010 Music Issue #32 - Summer 2010 - Wasted on the Youth

The first minute or so of "Invincible Hero," the opening track of the first Versus album in 10 years, presses the question: Where has Versus been all this time? A decade has passed since their last album, Hurrah, and sometimes a break isn't a bad idea, of course. More

Aug 04, 2010 Live

Spiritualized performed their seminal 1997 album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space at New York City's Radio City Music Hall July 30. More