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Jun 04, 2010 Web Exclusive Bookmark and Share

Every complaint about Avatar is dead-on: the dialogue is awful, the story is not much more than a gussied up FernGully, the acting is wooden, the opening minutes are close to unwatchable, and the mere mention of the term "Unobtainium" should elicit anything from giggles to scornful rage. A movie that's seriously about an army sent to eliminate an indigenous people for the precious metal (yes, Unobtainium) their beautiful world possesses, Avatar is completely and totally ridiculous. But how much more fun did one have at the movies in 2010? Or any time over the last few years? When was the last time a movie could be so aptly described as stunning?

Director James Cameron has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, and, even worse, has given rise to makers of expensive pieces of garbage like Michael Bay and McG. Cameron truly possesses the eye for spectacle, however, understanding that tiny objects, like the bugs that flit around the jungles of Pandora, are what gives scale to the rest of the action. Throughout Avatar, the plot serves as a way to show a scene more impressive than the last, whether it's floating mountains or fleeing through the trees. There's a depth of imagination in all of these settings that makes it difficult to care a whole lot.   

Even on Blu-ray, missing out on the 3-D has a definite, negative effect on the viewing experience, making Avatar more cartoon-ish. The flattened landscapes lend themselves to more scrutiny, and this is where the computer generated world begins to feel, well, computer generated. This is nitpicking, though, because Avatar is still a mind-blower. As good as Titanic looked, it was on a boat moving through the ocean, which, for all filmic intents and purposes, is pretty much stationary. Avatar's chases and swooping, diving flights through the vegetation of Pandora are what make the movie so enchanting.        

It probably won't age well at all, as most leap-ahead sci-fi doesn't, but for a few years anyway, Avatar will be the gold standard by which all effects-driven blockbuster hopefuls will be measured. (www.avatarmovie.com)

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Chantal Terry
July 9th 2011

f they did not have subtitling and captioning during the movie, I definitely would not have been able to understand what the inhabitants of Pandora were saying at all. I cannot imagine watching Avatar with subtitles in a language which I cannot read.

Marcus Rimmer
July 29th 2011

It is movies like Avatar which make buying Blu-ray disks worth every penny, as the available space can be fully utilized to maximize the audio and video bitrate of the film, and you can be sure the rendered CGI with a 1080p video means new and intricate details which you missed the first time round will be revealed.