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Wednesday, February 24th, 2021  

Oct 29, 2020 Books

With Mirror Sound, Spencer Tweedy, designer Lawrence Azerrad, and photographer Daniel Topete take a deep look into the how, where, and why of musicians who self-record. More

Oct 19, 2020 Books

In Cursed Objects, J. W. Ocker examines just that, objects that for whatever reason seem cursed, objects that have left a trail of death and destruction in their wake.  More

Oct 02, 2020 Books

Hidden History of Music Row presents a sort of guided tour of the Nashville area that was so important in establishing a country music sound. More

Sep 25, 2020 Books

Power pop legend Paul Collins tells his story from The Nerves to The Beat and beyond. More

Paul Drummond

13th Floor Elevators: A Visual History

Published by Anthology Editions

Aug 24, 2020 Books

13th Floor Elevators biographer Paul Drummond offers up an essential visual and oral history of the band. More

Aug 14, 2020 Books

Annye C. Anderson, Robert Johnson's "step sister" documents her family life with the blues legend. More

Matthew Restall

Blue Moves

Published by Bloomsbury

Jul 28, 2020 Books Web Exclusive

Matthew Restall's Blue Moves, the 146th volume in Bloomsbury's 33 1/3 series, makes the case for renewed examination and appreciation of this often misunderstood album. More

Jun 17, 2020 Books

Resistance is Tori Amos' second book, and in it she details her various encounters with her muse. More

May 01, 2020 Books

In Jennifer Juniper, Jenny Boyd chronicles the ups and downs of her extraordinary life, in the '60s, with Fleetwood Mac, and beyond. More