May 04, 2017 Books Web Exclusive

Based on James Lathos' film, Finding Joseph I: The H.R. from Bad Brains Documentary, Lathos and Abrams present a diverse and complex view of the diverse and complex character that is H.R. More

Apr 26, 2017 Books Web Exclusive

With Everybody Had an Ocean, William McKeen attempts to chronicle the music and culture, with both its dizzying highs and depressing lows, that developed in Los Angeles in the 1960s. More

Apr 06, 2017 Books Web Exclusive

With Jaguar Ride, electric eels guitarist Brian McMahon puts his story to paper, but it's not like you might think. More

John Darnielle

Universal Harvester

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Mar 27, 2017 Books Web Exclusive

John Darnielle's second book is a haunting story that will get under your skin. More

Mar 20, 2017 Books Web Exclusive

A big, beautiful book for a beautiful band who should've been bigger, All Those Wasted Years is the tale of how this determined gang of stylish rockers took on the world. More

Sam Shepard

The One Inside

Published by Knopf

Mar 03, 2017 Books Web Exclusive

Sam Shepard's new novel creates a world of memories. More

Feb 16, 2017 Books Web Exclusive

With Out of the Basement, author and former Rockford, IL resident David A. Ensminger discusses the musical history of his hometown. More

Peter Mills

The Monkees, Head, and the 60s

Published by Jawbone Press

Dec 21, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

The Monkees, Head, and the 60s examines the Monkees phenomenon and especially the movie Head with a critical, scholarly eye. More

Claire King

Everything Love Is

Published by Bloomsbury

Dec 06, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

In Claire King's new novel, we meet Baptiste Molino, a therapist with a curious history. The book follows Baptiste, painting a picture of the struggles of life, love, happiness, longing, and friendship. More