Sep 05, 2012 Books Web Exclusive

In his new book, David Todd compiles interviews with 25 “alternative” guitarists, discussing their approach to music, their technique, and the vision they have for their instrument.  More

Aug 30, 2012 Books Web Exclusive

In her new memoir, Jessica Dorfman Jones, author of The Art of Cheating, delves further into the subject matter of what was Chapter 5 of her last book, the art of cheating on a significant other.  More

Jul 16, 2012 Books Issue #41 - Yeasayer

John Cummings, aka Johnny Ramone, was the brains behind the operation of The Ramones. To hear him tell it in his posthumous autobiography, he crafted the band's image, molded the band's sound, and handled its business affairs. Because of this, one expects a lot from Commando. More

Jul 10, 2012 Books Issue #41 - Yeasayer

Stephen Dixon has a gift for revealing mundane environments as vibrant social microcosms. With that, it seems almost apropos that Dixon's flown under the radar commercially for decades, though he's always garnered respect in literary circles. More

Jul 06, 2012 Books Issue #41 - Yeasayer

Electrical Banana is an exploration of psychedelic art of the 1960s. Its focus, however, is not on hippie culture and the West Coast California scene. Instead, Hathaway and Nadel hone in on international psychedelic artists that made a mark with their work. More

Jul 03, 2012 Books Issue #41 - Yeasayer

The fact that Sweden has a particularly fertile indie pop community is no secret. For much of the 2000s, this music has been thriving internationally. But the way that French photographer Julien Bourgeois handles his examination of the "scene" is uniquely revealing.  More

Shadows in Flight

Published by TOR

Feb 29, 2012 Books Web Exclusive

Once upon a time there was a boy name Bean who saved the world from destruction both alien and human, helped install a one world power and fathered a brood of children with his best friend Petra, all before the age of eighteen. Not a bad resume. That is, if the Bean of previous Shadow books had anything in common with the passive giant in Shadows in Flight. More

Jan 16, 2012 Books Web Exclusive

Sybil Exposed is a fascinating examination of the truth behind the subject of the 1973 bestseller Sybil and the "multiple personality" case that revolutionized the psychotherapy industry and the study of psychology. More

Jan 10, 2012 Books Web Exclusive

Nick Attfield's book doesn't just cover Dinosaur Jr.'s 1987 full-length, You're Living All Over Me. The adroit author also touches on the Deep Wound era and the reunion tours after Beyond and FarmMore