May 19, 2014 Books Web Exclusive

Robert Greenfield's latest book on The Rolling Stones covers his time with the band during its 10-day European tour prior to leaving England for the south of France, as well as during time at Nellcôte and in Los Angeles and Jamaica while the band wrapped up work on Exile. More

May 06, 2014 Books Web Exclusive

In this punctiliously annotated history, Lawrence Goldstone documents the origins of flight from the first man who deigned to strap wings to his arms to try to fly like a bird. More

Feb 11, 2014 Books Web Exclusive

In Experiencing Nirvana, SubPop Records co-founder Bruce Pavitt documents the 1989 Mudhoney and Tad/Nirvana tours through Europe in 1989. 


Donald Fagen

Eminent Hipsters

Published by Penguin

Dec 30, 2013 Books Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

This collection of autobiographical essays from Steely Dan's Donald Fagenwho might otherwise have become a journalist, or an English teacher, as he explains hereprimarily focuses on early influences that found him in Cold War-era suburban New Jersey during his youth, up through his early adulthood and too-square-to-be-a-hippie years. More

Dec 23, 2013 Books Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

Intertwined throughout is a recollection of life as The Kinks' singer/songwriter, in which he depicts a band always in transition (artistic and otherwise) while pulling back the curtain on their uneasy group dynamic. More

Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life

Published by Crown Archetype

Dec 16, 2013 Books Issue #48 - November/December 2013 - HAIM

Wild Tales might be pitched as a tale of rock excess, but it is more about one man's unrelenting love of music and how it transformed his life. More

Linda Ronstadt

Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir

Published by Simon & Schuster

Dec 03, 2013 Books Web Exclusive

Linda Ronstadt recently disclosed that she has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and can no longer sing. Simple Dreams finds her taking a look back at her 40-plus year career. 


Nov 08, 2013 Books Web Exclusive

One would think that a 550-page book documenting just three years in any band's career would be insufferably tedious and mind-numbingly detailed. But this is KISS we're talking about. More

Sep 17, 2013 Books Web Exclusive

There is much mystery and rumor surrounding the career of '70s teen girl group The Runaways. Queens of Noise tries to present an objective view of the band, and, in large part, succeeds. More