Apr 18, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

Few bands have enjoyed the level of fan devotion directed at XTC, and Complicated Game certainly speaks directly to those people. But thanks to the tone of its author, XTC founder/singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Partridge (along with Todd Bernhardt), those with even a casual interest in the band will still find themselves entertained. More

Apr 14, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

In Lost Rockers, Steven Blush, with Paul Rachman and Tony Mann, chronicles the stories of 19 musicians who never truly hit the bigtime. In each case, the artist nearly struck big, was associated with famous names, played with big stars, or performed/wrote songs that are recognizable hits for other artists.  More

Apr 04, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

With Noise In My Head, Jimi Kritzler chronicles a few dozen of Australia's most forward-thinking bands. More

John Wray

The Lost Time Accidents

Published by Farrar Straus Giroux

Mar 31, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

In his new epic fever dream of a novel, John Wray toys with the idea of reality and the notion of chronological time, meanwhile exposing truths about love and longing, history, memory, family, guilt, and so much more. More

Mar 10, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

In Living Like a Runaway, Lita Ford details her life in and out of rock and roll. And it sure is a salacious tale. More

Mar 07, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

For Washington's Monument, historian John Steele Gordon attempts a centuries-long history of the obelisk and with it tells the story of the Washington Monument.


Adam Rapp

Know Your Beholder

Published by Back Bay

Feb 29, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

In Know Your Beholder, Adam Rapp presents the thought provoking, humorous tale of Francis Falbo, a disheveled mess of a man who yearns for redemption amid a life that has been less than charmed.


Feb 22, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

In his balanced, honest, and open memoir, Chris Offutt tells the story of a childhood navigating a household run by a difficult, demanding man with a most perverse obsession.


Ted Rall


Published by Seven Stories Press

Feb 15, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

Ted Rall doesn’t give Bernie Sanders a free pass by any stretch throughout his semi-titular Bernie Sanders bio Bernie, but nonetheless comes away impressed with his honesty, humor, and the fact that he legitimately cares about the plight of the proletariat throughout this excellent book. More