The Book of Love

Studio: Freestyle
Directed by Bill Purple

Jan 13, 2017 Cinema Web Exclusive

“The Book of Love is long and boring” – the first lyrics of the Magnetic Fields song, couldn’t more aptly summarize this atrocious flop. More

A Monster Calls

Studio: Focus Features
Directed by J.A. Bayona

Jan 10, 2017 Cinema Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

Young Conor’s mother is dying. Bullied at school, haunted by nightmares, and watching his mom grow weaker before his eyes, the boy withdraws deeper into the protective world of his drawings. More

Sad Vacation – The Last Days of Sid and Nancy

Studio: Chip Baker Films
Directed by Danny Garcia

Jan 09, 2017 Cinema Web Exclusive

Sad Vacation – The Last Days of Sid and Nancy examines the infamous 1978 New York stay of Sid Vicious and girlfriend Nancy Spungen, culminating in her death from knife wounds. More


Studio: Lionsgate
Directed by Steven C. Miller

Jan 06, 2017 Cinema Web Exclusive

The primary reason this low-budget action-thriller is on anyone’s radar is that the trailer offered a few glimpses of Nicolas Cage flipping out while wearing a prosthetic nose, fake moustache, and terrible wig, and by god that’s more than enough to capture any true b-movie fan’s attention. More


Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Directed by Chris Prynoski

Jan 05, 2017 Cinema Web Exclusive

Patton Oswalt and Paul Rudd lead a hilarious voice cast in the raunchy animated film Nerdland, which follows a pair of Hollywood wannabes on their ill-conceived quest for fame. More


Studio: The Orchard
Directed by Pablo Larrain

Jan 04, 2017 Cinema Web Exclusive

While Neruda the film is technically a biopic of Neruda the poet, the film doesn’t entirely follow the trappings of a traditional biography. More

20th Century Women

Studio: A24
Directed by Mike Mills

Jan 03, 2017 Cinema Web Exclusive

After a thirty-year career and four Oscar nominations, Annette Bening seems to have found her magnum opus in 20th Century Women. More

Why Him?

Studio: 20th Century Fox
Directed by John Hamburg

Dec 23, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

A marathon in paternal terror.  More

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Studio: IFC Midnight
Directed by André Ovredal

Dec 21, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

Although it frequently traffics in cliché, The Autopsy of Jane Doe is an effective horror film. More