Studio: Focus Features
Sofia Coppola

Dec 22, 2010 Cinema

There's a familiarity about Sofia Coppola's Somewhere that's both intoxicating and exhausting. More

Black Swan

Studio: Fox Searchlight
Darren Aronofsky’

Dec 03, 2010 Cinema Web Exclusive

All of Darren Aronofsky’s films stem from singular obsessions. Be it Pi, with math as an apocryphal glimpse into transcendence; Requiem for a Dream, in its junkie’s quixotic self-delusion; or The Wrestler, with the pursuit of fleeting fame for some divine redemption, the protagonists in Aronofsky’s films sacrifice everything for the single-minded pursuit of their objectives. Black Swan is no exception More

Nowhere Boy

Studio: The Weinstein Company

Oct 12, 2010 Cinema Issue #33 - Fall 2010 - Interpol

A biopic that chronicles the family life of John Lennon during his troubled teen years, Nowhere Boy arrives in the U.S. on the heels of Kick-Ass, another film starring Aaron Johnson in a lead role. If Johnson was anonymously forgettable in Kick-Ass, he is a revelation here, portraying the young Lennon as a witty-but-unsophisticated, brash-but-insecure young artist. More

Let Me In

Studio: Overture

Oct 01, 2010 Cinema Web Exclusive

There’s an almost overwhelming inclination to pit one’s appreciation for this remake against the merits of the original Swedish film, Let the Right One In, but the truth is that the two films are so similar that any comparison will simply boil down to a matter of preference. More

Jack Goes Boating

Studio: Overture
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Sep 17, 2010 Cinema Web Exclusive

The directorial debut of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jack Goes Boating centers around the socially awkward Jack, a limo driver played by Hoffman who seems to suffer from a borderline case of Asperger syndrome, and his courtship with the equally quirky Connie, played by Amy Ryan (The Wire, The Office). More

Never Let Me Go

Studio: Fox Searchlight
Mark Romanek

Sep 16, 2010 Cinema Web Exclusive

In this film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s (The Remains of the Day) celebrated novel, Carey Mulligan plays Kathy, an intuitive but inhibited English boarding school girl who has grown up alongside her two closest friends, Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley). On a fateful afternoon, the children learn the shared secret to their purpose at the school, and this complicates a love struggle among the three friends as they mature. More


Studio: Rogue
Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost

Sep 15, 2010 Cinema Web Exclusive

If you buy into directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost’s claim that Catfish began as a document of the Facebook friendship between New York City photographer Yaniv “Nēv” Schulman (Ariel’s brother) and Abby, an eight-year-old painter who found inspiration in Nēv’s ballet photos, then you’re in for a fascinating, wildly entertaining journey through today’s tangled web of social networking and Internet sharing. More

I’m Still Here

Studio: Magnolia Pictures
Directed by Casey Affleck; Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Ben Stiller, Edward James Olmos, Sean Combs

Sep 10, 2010 Cinema Web Exclusive

A lot of hay is being made over whether or not Joaquin Phoenix really did have a mental breakdown, retire from acting, and attempt a new career as a rapper. On the surface, I’m Still Here(directed by Casey Affleck) attempts to chronicle Phoenix’s transition from clean-cut Hollywood pretty boy to a bearded hipster hip-hop artist. More

Get Low

Studio: Sony Pictures Classics

Aug 10, 2010 Cinema Issue #32 - Summer 2010 - Wasted on the Youth

Get Low features an unusually dramatic opening scene: As a fire in a Southern country home reaches flashpoint, a figure stumbles out of a second-story window and flees into the shroud of night, his clothes flaming like an afterburner. More