Baking with Kafka

Drawn & Quarterly

Oct 24, 2017 Comic Books Issue #62 - Julien Baker

A compilation of strips that appeared in the GuardianBaking with Kafka presents Scottish cartoonist Tom Gauld at his hilarious best. Many of the strips find their subjects in the areas of writing and literary pursuits, which Gauld reveals to be rich sources.  More

Sep 28, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Rock Candy Mountain is, simply put, goddamned delightful.  More

Poppies of Iraq

Drawn & Quarterly

Sep 01, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

From husband and wife collaborating team Brigitte Findakly and Lewis Trondheim, Poppies of Iraq is a deeply touching original graphic novel, simultaneously intimate and universal. More

The Customer is Always Wrong

Drawn & Quarterly

Aug 08, 2017 Comic Books Issue #61 - Grizzly Bear

The Customer is Always Wrong, Mimi Pond's latest fictionalized memoir is, if anything, even better than Over Easy, the volume that preceded it. More

My Pretty Vampire


Aug 03, 2017 Comic Books Issue #61 - Grizzly Bear

Katie Skelly's My Pretty Vampire is a very fresh take on the iconic bloodsuckers-Clover is something of a kept object by a brother obsessed with her, and the actual violence and gore of the book is significantly less creepy than most of the subtext. More

Jul 10, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

While certainly targeting anyone nostalgic for 1980s toys and cartoons, does this crossover between the worlds of Eternia, home to He-Man, and Third Earth, home to the ThunderCats, succeed as a book for true fans? And does it succeed as a story irrespective of its IP mashup? More

Jun 09, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea has a lot going for it. Per usual with a Mike Mignola-verse project, the art-in this case by Gary Gianni, who also co-wrote the book with Mignola-is simply gorgeous.  More

Jun 08, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

On one level, Phonogram is a comic for the fussiest of music fans, layered with opinions about what this kind of music means, how much that band sucks or is amazing, etc. The kinds of arguments you might hear in record shops in days gone by, back when those were a thing.  More


Drawn & Quarterly

Jun 05, 2017 Comic Books Issue #60 - Father John Misty

A sitcom-porno that lasted half a season in the mid-'90s. A movie whose cast-members seem cursed to die deaths strikingly similar to those of their characters, and the woman who uses their demises to chronicle her relationships.  More