Drawn & Quarterly

May 12, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

In the dead of night on July 2, 1997, a group of men kicked in the door to Christophe André's room, dragged him out of bed, shoved him into a car, and drove off.  More

May 04, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

In relaunching Birds of Prey, writers Julie Benson and Shawna Benson and artists Claire Roe and Roge Antonio have accomplished something rather elusive: honoring the characters' past incarnations while moving them forward, all against the backdrop of whatever line-wide continuity changes have been enacted from on high.  More

The Excavation


Apr 03, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Max Andersson's The Excavation is a warped, dark, pseudo-nightmare unlike anything in recent memory. A man brings his girlfriend home to meet his family, only to find that his home is not where he remembers it.  More

Mar 24, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The daughter of poor Southern sharecroppers, Zora Neale Hurston emerged as one of the preeminent African American writers and anthropologists of the early 20th Century.  More

Mar 21, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Fans of fantasy adventure comics should rejoice as Andrew MacLean's Head Lopper has returned. The story follows Norgal, the titular 'lopper and his mouthy trophy-head, Agatha Blue Witch. More

Mar 15, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Any book with such a niche subject must be a true labor of love for its author. And while much of the graphic novel California Dreamin' focuses on the pre-fame life of singer Cass Elliot, better known as Mama Cass of '60s pop hitmakers The Mamas & the Papas, the narrative's breadth encompasses more than Elliott's formative days may suggest. More

Decelerate Blue

First Second

Mar 13, 2017 Comic Books Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

Decelerate Blue is the new graphic novel from playwright/novelist Adam Rapp and animator Mike Cavallaro. The comic imagines a future sped up, where efficiency has replaced decency as society's crowning virtue.  More

Mar 09, 2017 Comic Books Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

There is a lot to like in Greg Rucka's return to pop culture's most famous Amazon. Liam Sharp's pencils are beautiful. Appropriately epic, even.  More

Mar 07, 2017 Comic Books Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

From Thomas Bulfinch to Edith Hamilton to the d'Aulaires, there have been many successful endeavors over the last century or so to bring ancient Greek mythology out from the stuffy realm of academia and into the layperson's hands. More