Drawn and Quarterly

Written and drawn by Diane Obomsawin

Jun 05, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Diane Obomsawin's inaugural graphic novel in English is Kaspar, a sadly truncated volume that unveils the life of Kasper Hauser. The Canadian filmmaker and cartoonist's envisage of this unbelievable narrative is told frankly in comparison to the more extravagant tones already lended to Hauser by the likes of Werner Herzog and Harlan Ellison. No mention of the controversy of whether Hauser is just a snappish fraud is discussed nor is even much revealed about his death. Obomsawin favors the part of the man-child's life where he was introduced into bourgeoisie society. After all, the other side of erudite culture studies that as well. More

Green Arrow/Black Canary: A League of Their Own


Written by Judd Winick, Art by Mike Norton and Wayne Faucher

Jun 02, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Wedded superheroes live the kind of abnormal domestic lives you’d associate with Hollywood darlings, so when a resurrected Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Black (Dinah Lance) got hitched, fans of the resultant team-up DC series knew to expect tragedy to assail the duo. Writer Judd Winick and illustrators Mike Norton, and Wayne Faucher stir up enough internal calamities for the GA family. More

May 05, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

House of Mystery was a staple DC anthology of the mid-1950s. Over the years the faces have changed but the premise remains fairly the same: put a bunch of people into a big scary house with plenty of mansards and macabre. This 2008 reboot by Jack of Fables writers Mathew Sturges and Bill Willingham infuses plenty of novel ideas and characters into this rather stale horror trope. The malignant caretakers of the 1968 iteration of House of Mystery, aptly named Cain and Abel, make a quick cameo at the beginning of Room & Boredom. From then on, readers are introduced to the small cadre of patrons that inhabit their strange environs: a bar "at the crossroads of reality." More

May 01, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

This fourth JSA volume collects Justice Society of America #19-22, and the Thy Kingdom Come specials Magog, Superman, and The Kingdom. Picking up where part two left off, the Justice Society begins to disintegrate as Gog vows to bring peace to Earth. Some are terrified by this course of events, while many heroes are optimistic, after being healed of their ailments by Gog. Thom Kallor (Starman) is no longer a schizophrenic, Grant Emerson's (Damage) scarred face is restored, and Sanderson Hawkin's (Sand) night terrors have ceased. Gog's helping hand comes with a moral price tag as the old JSA squares off against the new. More

Apr 25, 2009 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Mark Millar is quickly becoming a pop culture institution (if he wasn’t already there). The creator behind such controversial projects as Kick-Ass, Wanted, War Heroes, Marvel’s Civil War, Ultimates, and Superman: Red Son raises some more eyebrows with American Jesus. Chosen was originally published in 2004 by Dark Horse, but this is a new trade paperback collection from Image Comics. Compared to something like Preacher, it’s a fairly tame pre-apocalyptic tale, seen through the eyes of the pubescent Jodie Christianson (the initials are a dead giveaway).


Feb 01, 2009 Comic Books Winter 2009 - Anticipated Albums of 2009

Agents Mulder and Scully come to comic books in a faithful translation of the beloved ’90s TV show. More

Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 1


Wrttien by Alan Moore

Feb 01, 2009 Comic Books Winter 2009 - Anticipated Albums of 2009

When British writer Alan Moore took over Swamp Thing in 1983, the title was a formulaic monster comic on the verge of cancellation. DC, thus, gave Moore free reign to revamp the series as he pleased, even though he was largely untested by American comics companies. What Moore ended up creating was way ahead of its time, and his work on Swamp Thing has had an influential impact both on comic writers and the potential of the medium. More

Nov 01, 2008 Comic Books Year End 2008 - Best of 2008

You would think that being the last man on Earth would have some advantages, the obvious one being all the women you could potentially sleep with (unless you were the last man on Earth and gay, now that would suck). But the reality may be much darker than that, if Y: The Last Man is any predictor. More

Nov 01, 2008 Comic Books Year End 2008 - Best of 2008

Islamic terrorists detonate bombs in Washington, DC and Los Angeles. The U.S. government institutes a draft, invades Iran, and sets its sites on Syria. More