The Marcel Perez Collection, Vol. 2

Studio: Undercrank Productions

Apr 17, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

An international silent film star hailing from Madrid, Perez got his start making silent films in Italy before crossing over to the States during the first World War.  More

Whispering Shadows and The Devil’s Assistant

Studio: Undercrank Productions

Apr 13, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

A double feature of obscure, spooky silent films.  More

Sweet Virginia

Studio: Shout! Factory

Apr 10, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

If Sweet Virginia overachieves in any regard, it’s with its casting and performances. More

Little Orphant Annie

Studio: Eric Grayson

Apr 06, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

An outstanding reissue of Colleen Moore's earliest surviving film. More

Basket Case

Studio: Arrow Video

Mar 28, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Frank Henenlotter's 1982 feature debut Basket Case has less in common with other horror films than it does with MAD magazine or The Simpsons. More

The Outer Limits: Season One

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Mar 26, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

“There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture…” More

A Fistful of Dynamite

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Mar 23, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

For a director who looms as large in the history of cinema as Sergio Leone, the man had a surprisingly small filmography. More

The Passion of Joan of Arc

Studio: Criterion

Mar 21, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

The Passion of Joan of Arc defies the expectations of silent film. More

The Lion in Winter: 50th Anniversary Edition

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Mar 20, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Imagine Game of Thrones if there were no magic and every character was a Littlefinger-level schemer. More