Mar 22, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

Before his steep ascent into the filmmaking pantheon, Murnau’s path into motion pictures was a nuanced journey. More

The Kid Brother

Studio: The Criterion Collection

Mar 20, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

Harold Lloyd’s heart-warming 1927 feature, The Kid Brother, plays like an unexpectedly contemporary-feeling romantic comedy. More


Studio: The Criterion Collection

Mar 18, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

If The Maltese Falcon and Double Indemnity and The Killers are artisanal craft cocktails, Edgar G. Ulmer’s Detour is a shot of rail whiskey; quick, nasty and cheap, but it gets the job done. More

The Alice Howell Collection

Studio: Undercrank Productions

Mar 15, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

The Alice Howell Collection does a great service to the legacy of one of comedy’s underappreciated leading ladies. More

Mar 13, 2019 DVDs Issue #65 - Mitski and boygenius

One of the all-time great (and most quotable) film comedies, The Jerk finally receives a special edition worthy of its stature just in time for its 40th anniversary. More

Death in Venice

Studio: The Criterion Collection

Mar 08, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

Death in Venice follows the great composer Gustav von Aschenbach, who has come to Venice to ease his failing physical and mental health, following several personal tragedies and his waning professional career.  More

Last Action Hero

Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment

Mar 06, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

Last Action Hero works just as much as it doesn’t, and there’s more than enough in there to make it worth revisiting for any ‘80s and ‘90s action fan. More


Studio: Shout! Factory

Mar 04, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

A yuppie couple (David Duchovny & Michelle Forbes) pick up a serial killer (Brad Pitt) and his young girlfriend (Juliette Lewis) for a cross-country road trip in 1993's Kalifornia. More

The Little Mermaid [Anniversary Edition]

Studio: Disney Signature Collection

Mar 01, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

The inaugural film of Disney’s animated renaissance of the 1990s, The Little Mermaid celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019. More