Sorry to Bother You

Studio: Fox Home Entertainment

Nov 05, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Sorry to Bother You was one of the most buzzed about movies out of Sundance.  More

Twelve Monkeys

Studio: Arrow Video

Nov 02, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

In 1996, a virus spread across the globe which erased all but one percent of human lives on the planet.  More

Oct 31, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Released in 2009 after a two-year delay, Trick ‘r Treat feels old-fashioned. More

Blood and Black Lace

Studio: VCI Entertainment

Oct 29, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

What otherwise might have been a rote whodunit in Mario Bava’s hands became a gorgeous, Technicolor murder show. More

Oct 25, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

The joyful journey through this bundle of ham and cheese cannot be equaled in any other work.  More

Cartoon Roots: Halloween Haunts

Studio: Cartoons on Film

Oct 22, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Halloween Haunts is a collection of 15 short films – most animated, or at least heavily featuring animation – lovingly restored in 2K from 16mm prints. More

Deep Red

Studio: Arrow Video

Oct 16, 2018 DVDs

This is a top-notch giallo, and signature Argento. More

The Day of the Jackal

Studio: Arrow Video

Oct 03, 2018 DVDs

This may very well be the most intricately-woven and finely-executed suspense film ever crafted. More

Oct 01, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Equal parts documentary and dramatization, the film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize during its 1999 premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. More