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Sunday, August 9th, 2020  

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Studio: The Criterion Collection

Jun 25, 2020 DVDs Web Exclusive

It’s rare for a work of art to be so visually captivating while also being so emotionally affecting. More

Pretty in Pink

Studio: Paramount Presents

Jun 22, 2020 DVDs Web Exclusive

Second only to The Breakfast ClubPretty in Pink is the most essential of Hughes’ high school movies. More

The Cameraman

Studio: The Criterion Collection

Jun 09, 2020 DVDs Web Exclusive

A fine sample of Buster Keaton at the peak of his game. More

Tokyo Godfathers

Studio: Shout! Factory & GKIDS

Jun 04, 2020 DVDs Web Exclusive

Satoshi Kon's grounded, humanist masterpiece. More

Dance, Girl, Dance

Studio: The Criterion Collection

Jun 01, 2020 DVDs Web Exclusive

As a showcase for its two leading ladies, Dance, Girl, Dance is a treat. More

Anne Frank: The Whole Story

Studio: Kino Lorber

May 28, 2020 DVDs Web Exclusive

Age has done a number of different things to Anne Frank: The Whole Story, some of them beneficial, others detrimental. More

House by the River

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

May 26, 2020 DVDs Web Exclusive

Fritz Lang was offered this project by Republic Studios, and it wasn’t something he was initially too thrilled about. More

Taza, Son of Cochise

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

May 21, 2020 DVDs Web Exclusive

Fans of Sirk’s monumental melodramas are bound to be disappointed by Taza, Son of Cochise. More

May 19, 2020 DVDs Web Exclusive

The new Barbara Stanwyck 3-film collection from Kino Lorber explores some of her lesser known films, although they are connected by little more than the fact that they were all distributed by Paramount. More