A Wrinkle in Time

Studio: Disney

Jul 30, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

A Wrinkle in Time is considered one of the seminal American science-fiction novels, written by Madeleine L’Engle in 1962, and serving as the first installment of her Newbery Medal-winning Time Quintet series. More

sex, lies, and videotape

Studio: Criterion

Jul 27, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Writer-director Steven Soderbergh took the Cannes Film Festival by storm with his low-budget 1989 debut, sex, lies, and videotape. More

Jul 20, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

The latest Rolling Stones From the Vault release finds the Stones playing a rescheduled date at the San Jose Arena in April of 1999, on the final leg of the band's No Security tour in America. More

El Sur

Studio: Criterion

Jul 20, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Like the Sphinx’s missing nose or the Venus de Milo’s arms, the history of cinema is haunted by absent parts. More

Manila in the Claws of Light

Studio: Criterion

Jul 19, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Brocka’s Manila in the Claws of Light is like an Italian Neo-Realist film set in Hell. More

Jul 18, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Yukio Mishima remains one of Japan’s most eminent and controversial public figures, even nearing fifty years after his notorious public suicide. More

Hitler’s Hollywood

Studio: Kino Lorber

Jul 16, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Narrated by Udo Kier, Rüdiger Suchsland’s new documentary presents a chronological study of German films made under the Nazi regime. More

Bull Durham

Studio: Criterion

Jul 13, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

No baseball movie ever needed to be made after Ron Shelton’s Bull Durham. More

Fire Birds (Special Edition)

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Jul 12, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Pilot Jake Preston (Nicolas Cage) is recruited into an Army / DEA joint task force newly formed to shut down the cartels through the use of high-tech Apache helicopters. More