Broadcast News Blu-ray/DVD

Studio: Criterion

Mar 10, 2011 DVDs Web Exclusive

More than being a film about the industry it's titled after, Broadcast News is a look into a love triangle in the newsroom. More


Studio: Sony Pictures Classic

Feb 21, 2011 DVDs Web Exclusive

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet has made a career of exploring outsiders: hunted kids (City of Lost Children), rogue vegetarians (Delicatessen), and, perhaps most famously, shy dreamers (Amélie). Micmacs faithfully follows in these films’ heartfelt, Technicolor footsteps. More

NY Export:  Opus Jazz DVD

Studio: Factory 25

Jan 07, 2011 DVDs Issue #34 - Year End 2010 - Sufjan Stevens

Dubbed “a ballet in sneakers,” Jerome Robbins’ abstract jazz riff on his own West Side Story opened big in 1958, but flew under the radar until 2005, when a couple of New York City Ballet soloists revived it onstage, then spent the next five years developing the film adaptation. More

Dec 07, 2010 DVDs

"'s beautiful," says Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell of Darkthrone, the first of Norway's black metal bands. "It's like New Zealand, only just grimmer." That description seems increasingly more pregnant with meaning as details unfold in the documentary Until the Light Takes Us. More

Nov 24, 2010 DVDs

Edgar Wright's (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) film adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's popular graphic novel series is an example of what can be done when a visionary director starts with great source material. More

Louie Bluie DVD

Studio: Criterion

Nov 23, 2010 DVDs

Terry Zwigoff's (Crumb, Bad Santa) debut film remains as relevant today as it was when it finally saw release in 1985. More

Crumb DVD/Blu-ray

Studio: Criterion

Oct 26, 2010 DVDs Web Exclusive

Revolution can spring from the least likely places. As detailed in the 1995 documentary Crumb, which covers the life and times of artist Robert Crumb, sometimes it begins at home. More

Black Orpheus DVD

Studio: Criterion

Oct 14, 2010 DVDs Web Exclusive

The reason why Black Orpheus had such an impact at the time of its release is basically the same as why the actual citizens of its setting, Rio de Janeiro, disdained the film. More

Aug 31, 2010 DVDs Web Exclusive

For some people, experimental film is completely inaccessible. By and large, cinema as a popular medium is driven by clear narrative and stylistic forces, and other than the occasionally abstract music video, divergences are generally met with boredom or disinterest. More