I Love You, Man

Studio: Paramount

Oct 05, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

“I’m slappin’ the bass, man!” That line from Paul Rudd alone makes I Love You, Man worth seeing. Fortunately, director and co-writer John Hamburg’s bromance is solid all the way through remains one of the better films of 2009. More

Sep 30, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

After the disappointing Green Lantern: First Flight, Warner Premiere needed a hit, and they have one in the brief but enjoyable Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. The direct-to-DVD feature (if you can call it a feature-its running time is 67 minutes) is based on the Superman/Batman line of comics from writer Jeph Loeb and concerns a universe where Lex Luthor is president and declares Superman and Batman enemies of the state. More

Away We Go Blu-ray

Studio: Universal

Sep 29, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

Sam Mendes has followed up the insufferable Revolutionary Road with this precious-fest that is slack, lazy, and devoid of passion. More

Crank 2: High Voltage DVD

Studio: Lionsgate

Sep 08, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

Fuck you Chelios! More

Rudo y Cursi Blu-ray

Studio: Sony

Aug 27, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

The easiest way to describe Rudo y Cursi is that it’s a passion project for everyone involved. The two stars, Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, give excellent performances as soccer-playing brothers dealing with their demons. More

Aug 19, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

Warner Premiere follows up the very good Wonder Woman with one of their most disappointing efforts yet. Green Lantern: First Flight is an all too brief and overstuffed attempt to do animated justice to the comic book fan favorite character Green Lantern. More

Revolutionary Road DVD

Studio: Paramount

Aug 18, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

Making movies is a business. Summer movies appeal to the thrill-seekers in us and make a ton of money during the hot months as moviegoers flock to air conditioned theatres to escape from reality. The fall and winter months bring us big stars and big drama, and even though some of these films are amazing, others are laborious and pointless, and it seems like their primary reason to be made is to garner sympathetic critic approval, award attention, and dollars—in a word, Oscar bait. Revolutionary Road is this kind of movie. More

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Studio: New Video NYC

Aug 14, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

In the middle of 2008, when most of the country was caught up in presidential politics and new episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, Joss Whedon launched the year's most inventive piece of televisionon the Internet. Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, among others, debuted Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Hulu, offering the three-act superhero musical comedy for free in one-act installments over the course of a week. More

Momma’s Man DVD

Studio: Kino

Jul 22, 2009 DVDs Web Exclusive

It’s refreshing to see a film get made and released that feels very personal and truly independent. Azazel Jacobs’ Momma’s Man achieves both of these qualities for primarily the same reasons: It’s a fairly simple story, told in a reserved manner, of a thirtysomething man named Mike (Matt Boren) who is terrified of the responsibility that comes with marriage and a newborn child. More