The Unheard Music

Studio: MVD

Mar 11, 2012 DVDs Web Exclusive

Re-issued for the 25th anniversary of its initial release in 1986, X’s The Unheard Music is an inside look at the seminal L.A. punk band.  More

Belle de jour Blu-ray/DVD

Studio: Criterion

Mar 01, 2012 DVDs Web Exclusive

Two years after harassing an old man atop a pillar in the short subject Simon of the Desert, Luis Buñuel returned to feature-length filmmaking with one of the more straight-forward and popular films of his career with Belle de jour. More

Jan 20, 2012 DVDs Web Exclusive

Live in Texas 1978 is a wonderful complement to the recent deluxe reissue of Some Girls, finding the Stones stripped down to its essential elements in a concert that featured seven songs from that album. Don't be fooled by the disco song. This is rock and roll at its most vital.


The Future DVD

Studio: Lionsgate

Dec 20, 2011 DVDs Web Exclusive

She's often accused of being pretentious, cloying, and pejoratively referred to as the cinematic equivalent of "twee," but Miranda July, as polarizing as she may be, must be commended for taking risks. The Future, her second film, finds her succeeding spectacularly. More

Nov 29, 2011 DVDs Web Exclusive

This twenty-fifth anniversary triple DVD set features two discs of stellar performances from the history of the annual Bridge School benefit concerts, but it is the third disc documentaries and student-artist interviews that truly impress. More


Studio: XL

Nov 14, 2011 DVDs Issue #38 - 10th Anniversary Issue

In a scene just before the opening credits of INNISigur Rós sits in a radio station, baffled at how to answer their well-meaning interviewer’s question about the evolution of their sound.  More

High and Low Blu-ray

Studio: Criterion

Oct 25, 2011 DVDs Web Exclusive

Though known internationally as Heaven and Hell, the film's American title High and Low is more reflective of its many highs and lows: art, classes, and physical spaces, not to mention the movie's equally compelling text and subtext. More

The Complete Jean Vigo Blu-ray

Studio: Criterion

Oct 11, 2011 DVDs Web Exclusive

The Complete Jean Vigo, released by the Criterion Collection, is the first time the director's work has been presented as a complete package in this country. The two-disc set features the four films Vigo completed before his death, each one slightly longer than the last, as well as a slew of archival documentaries which illuminate the director's life story and his contribution to the art of cinema. More

Léon Morin, Priest Blu-ray

Studio: Criterion

Aug 30, 2011 DVDs Web Exclusive

For his sixth feature, Léon Morin, Priest, France's Jean-Pierre Melville couldn't have stepped further from the fare he's associated with today. Gone are the usual thugs, bank robbers, and freedom fighters that populate his films, replaced with lonely housewives and a hot-under-the-collar clergyman. More