Phantom Of The Paradise Blu-ray

Studio: Scream Factory

Sep 08, 2014 DVDs Web Exclusive

While Brian De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise is a mess, it’s an extremely interesting mess. More

Sep 05, 2014 DVDs Web Exclusive

Gorgeously shot and carefully paced, Weir’s Hanging Rock has a dreamlike quality that sets it apart even among his fellow Australian New Wavers.  More

Under the Skin Blu-ray/DVD

Studio: A24/Lionsgate

Aug 27, 2014 DVDs Web Exclusive

Over the course of Under the Skin's 108 minute runtime, the film is alternately a Tarkovskian sci-fi meditation, a digital video art installation, and an extended candid camera punking riff.  More

Jul 25, 2014 DVDs Issue #50 - June/July 2014 - Future Islands

Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami has built a storied career on complicated, ambiguously drawn character studies that rely upon the inherently fractured dynamics of interpersonal relationships. More

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XXX

Studio: Shout! Factory

Jul 23, 2014 DVDs Web Exclusive

You have to lend it to Shout! Factory for keeping their MST3K releases well-balanced after so many volumes.  More

Nosferatu the Vampyre Blu-ray

Studio: Scream Factory

Jul 03, 2014 DVDs Issue #50 - June/July 2014 - Future Islands

During Jonathan Harker's ill-advised trip to Count Dracula's castle, cold, ominous weather and people surround him.  More

Jun 25, 2014 DVDs Web Exclusive

This three-disc DVD set is as thorough an analysis of the video nasty phenomenon as a horror or exploitation fan could hope for. More

Ace In the Hole Blu-ray/DVD

Studio: Criterion

Jun 20, 2014 DVDs Issue #50 - June/July 2014 - Future Islands

Charles Tatum (Kirk Douglas, on fire) is a quick-witted reporter whose weakness for liquor has washed up all but the lowest of job prospects.  More

The Rise and Fall of The Clash DVD

Studio: Shout! Factory

Jun 13, 2014 DVDs Issue #50 - June/July 2014 - Future Islands

Where the 2000 documentary The Clash: Westway to the World closes its book on The Clash's history with the end of the Mick Jones era, this 2012 film picks up the seeds of the band's disintegration and delves deeply into the rest of the story. More