Studio: Magnolia Pictures

Oct 09, 2012 DVDs Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

Bob Marley will likely always be a polarizing icon, and releasing this film theatrically on 4/20 was an odious marketing ploy that certainly didn’t mitigate that unfortunate fact. But cutting through the fatuous associations, this is a terrific documentary on the life and enduring legacy of a deeply complex and mysterious figure. More

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Studio: Magnolia Pictures

Oct 03, 2012 DVDs Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

Director David Gelb’s (A Positive Rage) fantastic portrait of master sushi chef Jiro Ono and his world-renowned, three-star Michelin Guide rated restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro is pure food porn. More

Intruders DVD/Blu-ray

Studio: Millennium

Oct 01, 2012 DVDs Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

Hollow Face, the boogeyman of Intruders, haunts children when they're trying to sleep, lying in wait in the dark corners of their bedrooms for the perfect moment to steal their faces, because he doesn't have his own (for some barely-explained reason). More

Aug 15, 2012 DVDs Web Exclusive

With 1975’s Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd was confronted with the unenviable task of following up the smash The Dark Side of the Moon. This DVD tells the story of the genesis and creation of that album. More

La Haine DVD/Blu-ray

Studio: Criterion

Jul 10, 2012 DVDs Issue #41 - Yeasayer

Mathieu Kassovitz's gritty, documentary-like second film is a powerful comment on class and racial disparity set in and around a Parisian banlieue-high-rise housing projects-during the aftermath of a riot. More

Jul 06, 2012 DVDs Issue #41 - Yeasayer

"Consciousness is a terrible curse," Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) tells his wife's pet chimp at the start of 1999's Being John Malkovich. Craig is a struggling puppeteer who is more nimble at his craft than he is at finding an audience. At his wife Lotte's (a de-glamorized Cameron Diaz) suggestion, he breaks down and gets a job as a file clerk, unwittingly leaving any sense of convention behind. More

Jun 20, 2012 DVDs Web Exclusive

For this colossal 14-DVD visual anthology of The Grateful Dead, perhaps the best place to start is with a figure who came into the Dead's orbit relatively late. In a new interview featured on the set's Bonus Disc, you can't help but get swept up in band archivist David Lemieux's enthusiasm. More

May 31, 2012 DVDs Web Exclusive

Rubblebucket Live In Chicago is an eminently enjoyable DVD and live CD combo that makes you actually want to see the band play out, which is perhaps the ultimate compliment you can pay to a concert film, the likes of which are often seemingly mailed in. More

Annie Hall Blu-ray

Studio: MGM

May 26, 2012 DVDs Web Exclusive

By now, virtually of the major directors recognized in the 20th century pantheon have gotten the Blu-ray treatment, save Woody Allen. Now, the Blu-ray edition of Allen's Annie Hall has arrived at last. More