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Jun 04, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

It wouldn't be a UK festival without rumors of a special guest headliner appearing at some point over the weekend.  More

May 30, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

Once upon a time the music industry would focus on three main showcase events; Eurosonic, South By Southwest, and The Great Escape. Over the past decade, the number of showcase festivals has increased dramatically. And while some have since fallen by the wayside, others have grown at a rate where the possibilities for reaching a wider audience are endless. More

May 08, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

It might be over a decade (May 2008 to be exact) since A Place to Bury Strangers first unleashed their brutally uncompromising show on the city of Nottingham.  More

May 03, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

Barely a week goes by now without at least one showcase music festival appearing on the calendar. Long gone are the days when the only credible platforms of that kind were South By Southwest and The Great Escape.  More

Apr 23, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

Mention the phrase "Britpop" and it's hard not to do so through gritted teeth. Its legacy giving birth to a legion of uninspiring, feather cutted, and fishtail parka wearing lad bands believing their "real music with real instruments for real people" makes them the CAMRA of rock and roll.  More

Apr 15, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

For three days each spring, a corner of the old town in the Estonian capital transforms from a preserved, post-industrial throwback to a bustling, anything-is-possible playground for hundreds of invited artists and speakers to splash around in. More

Mar 20, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

Outside, Chicago was in the nucleus of another gelid winter. Inside The Art Institute of Chicago for three consecutive nights, the interaction between artists and onlooking attendees was reaching intimate levels. More

Mar 20, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

“El Bowsque Encantando” was the theme for elrow’s New York City happening on February 23rd, which translates to “Enchanted Forest.” Self-described as an experiential event, elrow’s parties are an incredibly thematic and immersive experiences. More

Mar 04, 2019 Live

I honestly don’t know why, when I ordered my chamomile green tea at the café inside of teamLab Borderless, I thought I’d just be drinking tea.  More