Jun 28, 2016 Live Web Exclusive

I've said this to many people over the years, but The Stone Roses remain Manchester's favorite sons. And so, as it was with 2012's Heaton Park gigs, that love and devotion means that the city suddenly stops when they show up to play.  More

Jun 09, 2016 Live

If the sun comes up and I still don’t want to stagger home, then it’s the memory of our betters that are keeping us on our feet.” When James Murphy wrote “All My Friends” he might not have been thinking specifically about the Primavera Sound festival More

Jun 07, 2016 Live Web Exclusive

Like Stax soul remade for the 21st century, Hannah Gill & The Hours truly packs a punch.


Jun 06, 2016 Live Web Exclusive

Photos and highlights from a truncated Governors Ball 2016. More

May 02, 2016 Live Web Exclusive

Bob Mould returned to his electric guitar roots on this raucous night in Philadelphia.


Apr 26, 2016 Live Web Exclusive

Lush are finally back in Los Angeles after an almost 20-year absence! "It all comes full circle," said lead vocalist/guitarist Miki Berenyi as she reminisced about the first time the band played the legendary Roxy Theatre even further back in April of 1991.  More

Apr 12, 2016 Live Web Exclusive

It was a bit unnerving when we were driving on the 40 between Memphis and Little Rock in a terrible rain storm and a loud emergency alert flashed up on my phone telling us there was a tornado warning and to take shelter immediately. What shelter? More

Apr 08, 2016 Live Web Exclusive

This evening Mr. Hitchcock played not a single one of my (many) favorite songs of his. It did not matter in the slightest. The gig was excellent. Possibly even because of this, in that the way the set developed and unfolded kept one in a constant state of wonder and appreciation.  More

Mar 29, 2016 Live Web Exclusive

Opening night of the North American leg of Greg Dulli's "An Evening With..." tour kicked off in Cambridge, MA on March 10. You can trust Dulli, he's a consummate showman. So when the first couple of numbers seem a little shaky as the band is finding its feet and sound onstage, there's no need to worry. More