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Feb 14, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

It's well known that Sharon Van Etten grew up in New Jersey and began her musical career in New York City, but the Philadelphia date of her Remind Me Tomorrow tour was a homecoming of sorts.  More

Feb 13, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

As the frenetic release of "Heel/Heal" sparks the tightly packed crowd into frantic action, we spill forward-a couple of us, unfortunately, directly into the monitors IDLES vocalist Joseph Talbot is attempting to use to hear himself as every word is screamed back at him by the enthused throng. It's a kind of elated mayhem; barely controlled chaos-Joe Strummer woulda loved it. More

Jan 24, 2019 Live Web Exclusive

There is a particular buzz around Groningen when Eurosonic Festival comes to town. There always is a buzz, of course, when major music events pass through a place, but this buzz is fortified by a sense that something worthwhile is percolating. More

Dec 19, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

Brooklyn venue St. Vitus Bar is a metal venue, except when it isn't. Artists including Girl Band, an act noisy enough to please many metal fans, and Mitski, who is a decidedly non-metal musician, have played the bar's 300-or-so capacity back room.  More

Dec 05, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

It's hard to say which version of a two-set show is better: one with an unheard-of opener who commands the room and becomes a favorite new discovery, or one with a popular opener who's already as well-regarded as the headliner.  More

Nov 16, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

The 17th Austin City Limits Music Festival has come and gone and, speaking from firsthand experience, it was a great success. With eight stages, 130 bands, and daily capacity crowds of 75,000 music fans, the festival organizers had to overcome lofty logistical goals, last second headliner switches, and super-hot weather to pull this one off.  More

Nov 15, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

It's better to be late than never, and if that saying could be applied to anyone in music right now there's no one more appropriate that Baxter Dury. As the son of legendary punk and New Wave artist Ian Dury it's probably fair to say music's been in his blood since the day he was born.  More

Nov 12, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

As the voices of 2000+ raise through London's Kentish Town Forum, tears seem to spring to their eyes. "This song is about how much I love immigrants," snarled singer Joe Talbot moments earlier to deafening cheers from the throng.  More

Nov 02, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

Earlier this year, Iggy Pop said that Mitski Miyawaki, known more commonly by just her first name, is "probably the most advanced American songwriter that I know." Most people would take such a comment as hyperbole, even if the artist in question is someone that they like.  More