Minus the Bear


Suicide Squeeze

Mar 15, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Minus the Bear reunite with their original label, Suicide Squeeze, to release an album that is as far removed from their original material as the band has yet gone.  More


Yours Conditionally

Mutually Detrimental

Mar 14, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

The formula that seems to work for the husband and wife duo Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore is to set out to sea and become inspired to make a record. Their first, Cape Dory, was conceived after a seven-month sailing excursion on a boat they bought together after college. More


Up Tomorrow

Sunday Best

Mar 14, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Laurence Galpin has long been appreciative of the agency of sound vis á vis imagery. He grew up with traces of the John Martin and Nick Drake records his parents would play following after him on his walks through the panoramas of Sussex, England. More

Mar 13, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Alynda Segarra, aka Hurray for the Riff Raff, returns to her Bronx roots in The Navigator. The album opens—on a track titled "Entrance" no less—with what sounds like the bustle of a subway train running through the tunnels of the NYC transit system.  More

The Shins


Aural Apothecary/Columbia

Mar 10, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

It's been five years since James Mercer and co. debuted new music to The Shins' vast fanbase. On their fifth studio album Heartworms, the (now) six-piece shows them going a long way from their folky indie-rock beginnings crooning "Caring Is Creepy" and "New Slang" on the idolized indie soundtrack from Garden StateMore

Surfer Blood


Joyful Noise

Mar 09, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

After their 2010 debut Astro Coast became a much deserved breakout indie hit, Surfer Blood hit some unexpected and tragic stumbling blocks. Their 2013 major label debut and sophomore LP Pythons was widely viewed as a disappointment and 2015's 1000 Palmsdidn't do much to dissuade naysayers and retrieve their lost momentum.  More

Mar 09, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

With Graveyard WhistlingOld 97's frontman Rhett Miller is his most comfortable self, mic-slinging in the stirrups of a rowdy, fleshed-out sound.  More

Mar 08, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Tim Kingsbury has done pretty well for himself as the bassist (amongst other things) for reigning champions of indie rock, Arcade Fire. With a new Arcade Fire record due, you'd expect time to be at a premium.  More

Mar 07, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Following last year's sophomore LP Welcome the Worms, this brand new Bleached EP continues in a similarly slick but not too slick power-pop/pop-punk vein, although it's unclear whether these are outtakes from those sessions (they sound like it) or brand new recordings.  More