Dec 05, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Holding a mirror to today's tumult and a way forward, this reissue of John Lennon's 1971 album Imagine arrives at a pertinent time. As stated in the accompanying book: "It's an invitation to political activism in the pursuit of peace, but also to opening our hearts and our lives to one another." More

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Full Moon Fever

Sounds Delicious/Turntable Kitchen

Dec 04, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Over a decade has passed since The Pains of Being Pure at Heart dropped their self-titled debut EP. Massively indebted to bands like The Pastels and The Field Mice, their star shone brightly for a while, even resulting in them headlining several festivals in both Europe and the States. More

Dec 03, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Consistently releasing an album every two years since 2010, How to Dress Well (Tom Krell) might be an R&B star. Albeit, an icon that has a tough time pulling both legs out of the murky underground. And Krell is better for ithis gliding electronic music is both big and small, coasting between ear holes like a log floating on choppy water.  More

Nov 30, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

The Smashing Pumpkins can lay claim to being one of the most influential rock bands of their generation. With a near flawless back catalogue throughout the '90s their status as luminaries can never be in doubt.

Nov 30, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

It's hard to get a take on Shara Nova, better known as My Brightest Diamond. It's also hard not to like her sophisticated and sensual, cabaret-influenced, chamber-pop vibe.  More

Yoko Ono



Nov 29, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Warzone finds Yoko Ono revisiting her work from 1970 through 2009. While these 13 tracks are new versions of early highlights, they sound like fresh statements, with lyrics that are as strikingly relevant as ever.  More

Nov 28, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

By this point Stereolab were five albums into their career and widely considered figureheads of a new wave of avant-garde pop bands, their influence undoubtedly paving the way for the likes of Broadcast and The Beta Band.  More

Nov 28, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

By the summer of 1995, the musical landscape had changed considerably, and so too had Stereolab's line up. While founders Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane remained at the forefront of the operation, band members came and went at regular intervals.  More


Switched On

Duophonic UHF Disks

Nov 28, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Formed in 1990 by Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane after the dissolution of Gane's former band McCarthy, Stereolab were something of an anomaly at the time. Taking elements of the past to construct a visionary sound clearly in thrall with the future, their music proved nigh on impossible to pigeonhole from day one.  More