Jan 30, 2017 Music Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

Guy Garvey and his bandmates in Elbow are, at this point, the U.K.'s most consistent elder statesmen of "old-school" alt-rock. Their seventh studio full-length album, Little Fictions, somehow manages to imbue the elegant, refined beauty of their oeuvre with new flavor and creativity even while giving fans exactly what they have come to expect from Elbow over the years.  More

Ty Segall

Ty Segall

Drag City

Jan 27, 2017 Music Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

Crunchy and resolute, Ty Segall's newest self-titled toaster turns up some unearthed crust and butter that is both satiating and balanced. The 29-year-old's ninth studio offering is his second self-titled, but one shouldn't view that as an invitation to call it a reinvention. More

Jan 25, 2017 Music Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

When Japandroids were recording their latest album, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, it would have been hard for them to conceive of the environment into which the album would finally be released. More

Jan 23, 2017 Music Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

Stellular, the sophomore album by former Pipettes singer and Mark Ronson-collaborator Rose Elinor Dougall, comes a full seven years after her solo debut, Without Why. More

Jan 20, 2017 Music Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

Two days after Led Zeppelin's concert film The Song Remains the Same hit theaters, The Damned dropped U.K. punk's opening salvo with their debut single, "New Rose." More




Jan 18, 2017 Music Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

We've come a long way in the five short years since Foxygen's breakout release, Take the Kids Off Broadway: a gloriously all-over-the-place disc of psych-pop and endearingly lo-fi rock freak-outs.  More

Jan 17, 2017 Music Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

Toronto-based Austra's third album, Future Politics, pushes their modus of uptempo mystic darkwave permeated by airy goth song. At home in the frosty confines continuing to surround her, lead singer, keyboardist, and producer Katie Stelmanis soars over a bolstered field of production and through spirited themes addressing the forces that prompt reaction.  More

Jan 13, 2017 Music Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

Over the past half-decade, The Flaming Lips have given their less obliging fans reasonable cause to hold their breaths and approach new releases with a twinge of trepidation.  More

Jan 11, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Let's Go Down and Blow Our Minds: The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1967 features three CDS, 80 tracks and nearly four hours of some of the best lesser-known British psychedelic music from 1967. More