Dec 08, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

American WrestlersGoodbye Terrible Youth tackles the most difficult obstacle for any young, lo-fi, "bedroom pop" act: learning how to make your sound bigger and clearer without sanding off any of the appealingly rough edges.  More

Dec 07, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Kurt Wagner's ever-reliable Nashville outfit Lambchop hasn't been heard from since 2012's Mr. M, but last year Wagner and a couple buddies got together to release an excellent, subdued electronic album under the name HeCTAMore

Dec 06, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Tampa, Florida rock band Merchandise's new album A Corpse Wired for Sound is relentlessly minor-key and contains more than enough moaning about personal failures and relationships ending. However, it's also dynamic and poetic, with better songwriting and production values than the band has yet achieved. More

Dec 05, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Even though Donald Glover's been in the spotlight for nearly a decade now, trespassing across careers in comedy, writing, and music, he is only now really discovering his voice. This year saw the release of his fantastic FX series Atlanta, and in many ways his third record as Childish Gambino"Awaken, My Love!," was crafted with the same unconventional creative spirit.  More

Dec 02, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Every Wainwright family member, Martha included, has a flair for the dramatic, a commitment to emotional exploration that remains unconcerned and even completely detached from musical norms.  More


Devil Music

We Are The Men

Dec 01, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

The Men Return With Devil Music, A Primal, 34-Minute Gut-Punch Recorded Live During A Weekend In The Group's Practice Space.  More

Nov 30, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

STRFKR hits cosmic heightsquite literallyon its psychedelic/celestial fourth album, Being No One, Going Nowhere. In the last decade or so, the Portland group has been unsuccessful in maintaining a low profile.  More

Inc. no world

As Light As Light

No World Recordings

Nov 29, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

The Aged brothers, who are the duo behind inc. no world, are known for their stellar musicianship and soft, soulful touch. On As Light As Light, the duo's second full-length, the first on their own No World Recordings, they pull back from the studio experimentation that coupled with their performance made their 2013 debut, No World (released under the name inc.), interesting. More

Nov 28, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Since the universal acclaim that created 2002's incredible Neon Golden, it could easily be argued that the long-running German band The Notwist's audience has taken them for granted.  More