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Thursday, September 24th, 2020  




Sep 01, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Disclosure is good at making dance music for the pop charts. This wasn’t the duo’s purposeful intention with its breakout debut album, Settle (2013), which featured, at the time, barely known vocalists like Sam Smith, Jessie Ware, and London Grammar, as well as an underground dance production style that was winningly reminiscent of both ’90s house and 2000s garage. More

Aug 31, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Let’s face it: The Killers are an arena rock band. One for a new age, sure, but an arena rock band nonetheless. Hear me out. It’s true, arena rock got a bad rap for its high schlock factor, the towering anthems with big guitar, bigger vocals, and boisterous histrionics.  More

Aug 28, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Angel Olsen isn’t for the faint of heart. Whether it be with her cradled folk sounds of the early 2010’s, the grumbling rock yelps of MY WOMAN, or the recent powerful cinematic tides of All Mirrors, Olsen retracts her finely-tuned bow and points it straight at the soul. This is the essence of Angel Olsen; an essence that grows wings and soars to new heights on every album. More

Kelly Lee Owens

Inner Song

Smalltown Supersound

Aug 28, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Kelly Lee Owens is many things—dream pop crooner, techno fuser, vinyl enthuser—but more than anything else, she’s a mood landscaper. Nestled somewhere between bedroom pop and dancefloor bop, her endlessly evocative electronic music charts the emotional throughlines that tie the night out to the morning after.  More


Things I Never Said

Plastic Miracles

Aug 27, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

The apocalypse is often foretold in biblical terms, with falling skies and cracked earth playing common imagery. But for NYC multi-instrumentalist Elise Okusami—better known as Oceanator—the end of the world has been far more mundane, marked by sleepless nights, bottled up anxieties, and weary consumption of the latest news.  More

Aug 26, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

The particular brand of electro pop Jessy Lanza creates encapsulates just as many things as it imagines. Be it the conceptualizing of commuters’ thoughts on the subway or the conversations she has with herself questioning why writing angered lyrics feel so safe, Lanza’s sugary synths coat dark and meaningful lyrics. More



Sub Pop

Aug 25, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Bully’s third album SUGAREGG opens with a rousing start, blasting out of the gate with raucous opener “Add It On,” and the rapid fire, post-punk sonic assault doesn’t stop until the last note of closer “What I Wanted” 11 tracks later. Not necessarily a bad thing, just hard to absorb all in one sitting.    More

Aug 24, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Tanya Donelly spent her COVID quarantine releasing a series of cover songs on her Bandcamp page of artists such as The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Pixies, and Robyn Hitchcock, among others. With her new album, recorded with piano, guitar, and strings (violin, viola, cello) courtesy of The Parkington Sisters, her covers project continues. More

Aug 21, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

All of a sudden, you feel your eyes and ears working again. You reach out and you touch the walls. Lights flash on brightly and you immediately realize you’ve been dropped into a house of mirrors. You walk up to a distorted looking glass and your body stretches tall, short, wide, and thin. You walk to another and you see yourself as a completely different person. Music plays like a haunted carnival soundtrack overhead. You’ve found yourself physically inside the new record, Songs for the General Public, from the Long Island-based rock band, The Lemon Twigs. More