Lala Lala

The Lamb

Hardly Art

Sep 28, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Grief, paranoia, and sobriety. These are states of mind in which our faith in humanity dissipates. That's exactly the case for Lillie West's Hardly Art debut, The LambMore


Art of Doubt

MMI/Crystal Math Music

Sep 27, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

This Canadian indie band is known for a razor sharp mix of meticulously produced synth pop, bolstered by the icy smooth vocals of frontwoman Emily Haines, geared to play well to large audiences. Those large audiences partially materialized when they landed the theme song to the Grammy-nominated soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse back in 2010. More

Sep 26, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Marissa Nadler's songs aren't necessarily the kind that get stuck in one's head, but on her new album, For My Crimes, there's one track, "Blue Vapor," that's just impossible to forget. More

Sep 25, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

The new album by The Joy Formidable is being self-released on their own label Seradom. Whatever the reason for AAARTH (an aggressive-sounding title I'm sure you'll agree) being released in this way, one thing is abundantly clear from the outset: the freedom suits The Joy Formidable.  More

Mount Eerie


P.W. Elverum & Sun

Sep 24, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Following the release of Phil Elverum's perfect, poetic eulogy to his late wife, 2017's A Crow Looked At Me, he embarked on a tour that included not only the first performances of several of those songs but also a second-half preview of what would follow on 2018's masterful, stoic Now Only. More

Sep 21, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

For Villagers' Conor O'Brien, "folk" is more than just a genre of music. Rather, the music he creates with his project, Villagers (who have now released their fifth studio LP, The Art of Pretending to Swim), has shifted to embody an atmosphere far beyond the folksy proclivities of the group's first full-length, 2010's Becoming a Jackal. More



Invada/Temporary Residence

Sep 20, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

On only their third full-length in the last decade, Beak>, the Bristol trio led by Portishead's Geoff Barrow, meld their overt Krautrock obsessions with a slice of subdued psychedelia. Spotted with muffled, R. Stevie Moore-like vocals and bathed in warm, low electronica, >>> holds some of the band's most immersive and enveloping material to date. More

Sep 20, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

If there was any doubt over whether Californian punks Joyce Manor would continue in the poppy direction they were going in after 2016's Cody, there is surely none now on their latest effort Million Dollars to Kill Me. Their fifth album sees the band at their most straight-up pop/rock, but also at their most mature, aging their sound like a fine wine in comparison to their scrappy, beer-and-pizza soaked opening triad of records.  More

Sep 19, 2018 Music Issue #64 -  Kamasi Washington

Attempting to guess where Richard Reed Parry might go with a solo album is a nigh on impossible task. He can play just about anything, as his work with Arcade Fire demonstrates, and he's worked with many artists over his career.  More