Feb 07, 2011 Music Issue #34 - Year End 2010 - Sufjan Stevens

Before Animal Collective and their freak folk brethren came along, Gang of Four were the influence du jour throughout the indie scene. The Rapture and Bloc Party in particular made a career of aping the band’s angular riffs and taut, throbbing dub-inflected basslines. Not that there was anything wrong with this. 1979’s Entertainment! is widely recognized as a classic, having influenced everyone from U2 to R.E.M. to Nirvana. More

Feb 04, 2011 Music Issue #34 - Year End 2010 - Sufjan Stevens

There's really only one way to approach a new Deerhoof album: with the expectation that you didn't really see it coming. The band, after roughly 15 years, is still reliably unpredictable. More

Ben + Vesper


Sounds Familyre

Feb 02, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

On their second full-length, New Jersey husband-and-wife duo Ben and Vesper Stamper perform like confident indie-rock vets. More

Jan 31, 2011 Music Issue #34 - Year End 2010 - Sufjan Stevens

Destroyer frontman Dan Bejar sings "I write poetry for myself" during Kaputt's "Blue Eyes," and it reads like a modus operandi for his adventurous will over the past decade. The track's New Wave-y, rainy day disco and smooth jazz filigrees speck many of the songs on Bejar's latest musical wonder. More

Jan 28, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

Ryan Adams catches so much shit for being unable to define a cohesive artistic vision, but it's time for people to acknowledge that a big part of Adams' appeal is never knowing what you're gonna get. More



Stones Throw

Jan 26, 2011 Music Web Exclusive

One can’t blame Geoff Barrow (PortisheadBEAK>) for wanting to team with political journalist-turned-singer Annika Henderson. All blonde locks and elongated syllables, she is unquestionably a modern-day Nico. However, lacking both the control and originality of the late German chanteuse, Anika fails to rise above this comparison. Still, she is not the problem here. More

Jan 24, 2011 Music Issue #34 - Year End 2010 - Sufjan Stevens

Ah, the ancient, nearly lost art of quality control. After more than three years of waiting for a new Iron and Wine album, Sam Beam returns with a taut 10 tracks. More

Jan 21, 2011 Music

At the outset, things may seem easy for a band that sounds an awful lot like other bands—they're easy to define, people find them without much trouble, and there's a track laid out for them. More

Robert Pollard

Space City Kicks

Guided By Voices, Inc.

Jan 19, 2011 Music Issue #34 - Year End 2010 - Sufjan Stevens

By now, you know the drill. If you like Robert  Pollard, you'll go out and buy Space City Kicks. More