Feb 26, 2010 Music Issue #30 - Winter 2010 - Vampire Weekend

On "1999," the opening track of Shout Out Louds' third album, singer/songwriter Adam Olenius sings that he "never felt so alive since 1999." That was two years before Shout Out Louds was formed in Stockholm, Sweden. A decade later, the band found itself in a different place. Literally. More

Feb 24, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

A Joanna Newsom song is impossible to describe. Not Newsom's voice, of course, which conjures up adjectives like "gossamer" and "sprightly," or her harp, which is an instrument she pretty much lays sole claim to in 21st-century pop music, but her songs themselves, the way they bend back on themselves and wander away.  More

Feb 22, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Chris Otepka, the indie rock singer/songwriter from Elburn, Illinois (now residing in Bellingham, Washington) performs under the stage handle, The Heligoats. On the back of the former Troubled Hubble frontman's latest LP, Goodness Gracious, is a black ink drawing of a Nubian goat with a rotor system coming out of its spine and a tail boom on its hindquarters. It's a funny image, but something about it fits the rustic and slightly psychedelic folk-rock contained within. More

Feb 21, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

The second in Hip-O's The Costello Show campaign of live Elvis Costello releases is a concert from June 4, 1978, documenting the then 23-year-old Costello and his recently formed Attractions three months after the release of Costello's classic sophomore album, This Year's Model. More

Feb 18, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

I've always been obsessed with Europeparticularly its compact countries that allow citizens to step from border to border at will. It's blessed geography that allows them to indulge in mini-bouts of wanderlust in the span of a single weekend, forcing them to expand their comfort zone with multiple languages, cultures, and cusinesall a stone's throw from home. On his third album Everyone Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight, Belgian musician Dieter Sermeus (The Go Find's bandleader) perfectly evokes this pocket-sized yearning, fine-tuning electro-spattered folk that could take up residence in any number of indie rock "countries."  More

Feb 18, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Brian Jonestown Massacre was a force to be reckoned with in the late '90s, churning out album after album of stoned, '60s-flavored garage rock that was retro in the best sense of the word and always beholden to frontman Anton Newcombe's peculiar anachronistic vision. But the 2000s saw Brian Jonestown Massacre on a consistent downward slide, it the apparent victim of both Newcombe's creative eccentricities as well as his own self-destructive urges. More

Feb 16, 2010 Music Web Exclusive

Toppling the band's two previous EPs, Escape takes Moon Duo's hyper-repetitive psych drone to a new level of rock. While the drum (drum machine?) beats may never change and the bass riffs are three notes at the most, Moon Duo gets by with layers of rhythm topped with deliriously overdriven guitar wankeryI mean that in a good way. More

Feb 12, 2010 Music Issue #29 - Year End 2009 - Best of the Decade

For their third studio album In This Light and On This Evening, Britain's Editors have swapped guitars for synths and pessimism for nihilism. However, in their attempts to procure an oppressively dark ambience, they have bypassed heroes Depeche Mode and New Order, landing straight in standard-issue mall-Goth territory—a place with little thematic variance. More


End Times


Feb 11, 2010 Music Issue #29 - Year End 2009 - Best of the Decade

"I'll lock the world away/Haunted by my better days," Mark Oliver Everett, aka E, wheezes dejectedly on "Nowadays," exhibiting the dignified sense of resignation that colors End Times, the second Eels album in less than 10 months, and light years away emotionally from his most recent, Hombre Lobo. Lobo found E assuming the fictional werewolf character "Dog Faced Boy," waxing rapturously of unrequited love and desire. Here, he seems enmeshed in memory, consumed with the inevitable deterioration of relationships across time and distance, while still fitfully yearning for redemption. More