Temporary Residence

Jun 09, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

If any group can provide the soundtrack to a film about the nuclear age, it's Mogwai. Along the way in their epic career they have periodically taken on the task of translating their spacious and magnificent rock orchestration into the auditory language of moving image. More


A Youthful Dream

Fat Possum

Jun 08, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

What is punk pop? In theory, it is an impossible concept: its very name is, after all, an oxymoron. However you choose to define it, it is perhaps the best genre for Yung to very, very loosely hang their debut album on. More


Light Upon the Lake

Secretly Canadian

Jun 07, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

"I've been going through a change/I might never be sure/I'm just walking in a haze," contemplates Julien Ehrlich as Light Upon the Lake clocks its tone-setting, ornate first minute.  More

Jun 06, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

Spencer Krug's latest record as Moonface ditches the singer/songwriter nakedness of Julia With Blue Jeans On and the City Wrecker EP for a fuller sound. My Best Human Face lands close to the one-off '80s spirit of 2011's Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped, sounding something like a drunken Tangerine Dream soundtrack.  More

Jun 03, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

There were no doubt a few fans out there put off by Tegan and Sara's nosedive into slickly-produced pop music with 2013's mainstream breakout, Heartthrob—what with its radio-friendly singles which found the Sisters Quin cracking the Hot 100 for the first time in their two-decade career. More

Jun 03, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

Every record that Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince have produced together as The Kills has been laden with a palpable tension that simmers between the two writing partners; on 2011's Blood Pressures, that magnetic push-and-pull manifested itself into a superb collection of moody, hair-raising tracks where you can feel Hince and Mosshart feeding off each other's energy. More

Jun 02, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

eve Gunn's virtuosity as a guitarist has made him an in-demand hired hand both in and out of indie rock circles for over a decade, and only in recent years has he defined himself as a raga-influenced singer/songwriter. Eyes on the Lines could be called his first LP as the leader of a straight-up rock-and-roll band, but you'd never guess that from his effortless swagger. More

Jun 01, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

When team-ups form between admiring music contemporaries, there's a one-time potential that's tapped into, yielding unexpectedly potent joint efforts that exist ephemerally, and in their own unique vacuum.  More

Cat’s Eyes

Treasure House

Raf/Kobalt Label Services

May 31, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

Lush '60s pop, running almost the full spectrum of all that phrase conjures up. The opening trio of songs really go for the orchestral, baroque side of the era, gliding and swaying through chimerical landscapes.  More