Aug 07, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

At times Jungle have felt like an enigma wrapped in a riddle. The elusive British duowhose LP will surely be counted amongst the year's most anticipated releasesmanage to generate waves of hype on little more than a handful of catchy tunes, a series of eminently clickable videos, and a thin veil of anonymity; they build a solid foundation distanced from the cult of personality. More

Beck/Various Artists

Song Reader

Warby Parker/Capitol

Aug 06, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Even for an artist well-known for his eclectic, shifting skins, this can be said: Song Reader is the strangest record Beck's put out in 20 years. Forget its unusual birth two years ago as a book of sheet music; this is his most experimental collection of songs since Stereopathetic Soulmanure. More

Twin Peaks

Wild Onion

Grand Jury

Aug 05, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

"Thought it sounded cool." Therewe got the band name out of the way. Fair enough. Nope, you'll find no backwards-voiced, creepily dancing little people here. More

Aug 04, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Bear in Heaven's last outing, 2012's I Love You, It's Cool, completed a three-album cycle that slowly refined and streamlined these Brooklynites' unpredictable blend of pop and outright experimentation into something a hint more soft-edged and palatable.  More

Aug 01, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

With a career spanning almost 20 years, the members of Spoon are gradually emerging as the grand old men of indie rock. For most acts, notching up nearly two decades together tends to coincide with an inevitable decline in quality control, yet so far the Austin ensemble's star has risen on every release. More

Jul 31, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

More than anything, the soundtrack to Wish I Was Here sounds like an update to the one for Garden State, which came out in 2004. The reason is obvious; Zach Braff directed both films, and Wish I Was Here essentially comes off as a direct sequel, at least as far as the music is concerned. More


Tambourine Light 7”

Captured Tracks

Jul 30, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Acting as an extension of this spring's excellent With Light and With Love LP, this 7" finds smoked-out New York folkies Woods continuing to explore a territory that's lusherand perhaps even weirderthan their earlier lo-fi patchworks. More

Jenny Lewis

The Voyager

Warner Bros.

Jul 29, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Jenny Lewis is one of the rare non-pop artists we've had the chance to grow alongside. Some of us were first acquainted with her as far back as her childhood acting rolesshe'll always be Haley from The Wizard to mewhile many caught up with her in the late '90s with the launch of Rilo Kiley. More

Jul 28, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

For a band whose members never seem to be in the same place at the same time, A Sunny Day in Glasgow manages to create a type of harmonious musical interface that makes their distance seem inconsequential. More