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Feb 12, 2015 Music Issue #52 - January/February 2015 - St. Vincent

Man, just think of the playground you're granted if you dismantle a shoegaze band in the mid-'90s and bring it back to life in the '10s. More

Feb 11, 2015 Music Issue #52 - January/February 2015 - St. Vincent

On their second official full-length, which is a notch or two below their fine 2011 self-titled LP, Melbourne chime-and-jangle poppers Twerps attempt to stumble casually into brilliance like The Bats, Pavement, and Yo La Tengo have before them. More




Feb 10, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

It's unfortunate for Colin Huebert that he was ever labeled as former drummer for the Great Lake Swimmers. Maybe he doesn't consider that to be the case, since Great Lake Swimmers releases one beautiful, pastoral album after another. More

Feb 09, 2015 Music Issue #52 - January/February 2015 - St. Vincent

Only in this day and age could the most human album in a long time be produced by an alter-ego. Joshua Tillman's second go-round as Father John Misty, I Love You, Honeybear, finds the character going through every cycle of life, from lust to love to fear to hopelessness to depression to loneliness, only interrupted by the occasional bout of happiness. More

Feb 06, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

It may have taken a Rihanna hit to catapult him into the spotlight, but Mikky Ekko now has the platform he deserves. The gifted songwriter, who co-penned and co-starred in Rihanna's "Stay," does more than just fine on his own. More


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Bureau B

Feb 06, 2015 Music Issue #52 - January/February 2015 - St. Vincent

Faust's legend encourages a unique preconception that must be useful when it comes to releasing new recordings: it's anyone's guess how the album might sound, though it's certain to be challenging. More

Feb 05, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

With their new album We Are UndoneTwo Gallants have found a method that complements the bombastic, torn-up country immediacy that earned the band initial attention, as well as the pair's knack for songwriting that has steadily grown over the last 10 years. More

All We Are

All We Are

Double Six/Domino

Feb 04, 2015 Music Issue #52 - January/February 2015 - St. Vincent

An Irish drummer, Norwegian bassist, and Brazilian guitarist walk into a British music school. Out come All We Are, both the band and the album.  More

Feb 03, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

John Carpenter's image has long been that of a highly individualistic master craftsman with a throwback sensibility. In addition to directing, he's often written his own scripts, occasionally produced and edited his own films, and almost always created his own synthesized scores. More