May 19, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Crime Cutz, the latest from Holy Ghost!, is a four-track EP that strongly showcases the nu-disco side of the New York City indie dance duo. The title track fluctuates between a Giorgio Moroder synth-based '70s concoction and the '80s synth pop of Nu Shooz's frothy smash, "I Can't Wait," whose durability has outlasted that of its creators. More

May 19, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

Initially, the absorbing textures of Under the Sun seem to belie Mark Pritchard's standing as a dance music icon. Since the early '90s, the British-born, Australian-dwelling producer has played an instrumental part in bringing beats of all shapes and sizes to the masses. More

May 18, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

Pantha Du Prince is unleashed once again on The Triad, the long awaited return of electro-virtuoso Hendrick Weber with a collection of entrancing, liberating compositions. Helped to fruition by Scott Mou and Bendik Kjeldberg of The Bell Laboratory (forming the triad), Weber's elaborate dance designs are also uninhibited, inducing the sensation of being at the wheel of a speedboat with nothing but open sea before you. More

May 17, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

Comforting singer/songwriter music gets a bad rap among many "indie music" fans. To be sure, it's earned that reputationfor every Seven Swans, too many other artists veer straight into James Taylor territory. But it's still an oddity to see nakedly hopeful emotion emerge behind musicianship that's simply beautiful, without the music being either saccharine or just plain boring. More

Marissa Nadler


Sacred Bones

May 16, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

As intoxicating as Marissa Nadler's albums has proven to be for those in the know, it's a complete mystery why such an acclaimed catalog remains largely unacknowledged. From her haunting early work to the intensely personal July (2014), Nadler crafts a rare gravity with each release. It's a shame the mainstream eludes her.

May 13, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

When I first heard James Blake's voice through his "Wilhelm Scream," I pictured someone altogether different from a shy young lad with a blushing smile. I'm pretty sure everyone did. His computerized cries sounded of weathered experience and the quiet torment of someone who's seen more than he's wanted to.  More

May 12, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

Will Nick Thorburn ever shake off the shadow of The Unicorns? Despite his adventurous and successful career in the 13 years since Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? was released, the ceaseless clamor for an extension of the band's 2014 mini-reunion continues to exist as an enormous, unrelenting elephant in the room. More

May 11, 2016 Music Issue # 57 - M83

Long gone are the days when Twin Peaks would spend their time frantically churning out riotous garage pop in frontman Cadien Lake James' basement, when they would be championed only by a close-knit collective of DIY promoters and bands in their native Chicago.  More

May 10, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

It's easy to fall in too deep with Radiohead. If you don't call them your favourite band then you know someone who does. When Radiohead release new material that person doesn't just fawn over it: they obsess, listening on repeat to work out what this means for the band. More